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What's up guys, John here.

Recently, Sechs Kies finished recording a new song with Epik High’s Tablo as their producer. According to a source in YG Entertainment, " Tablo produced Seschs Kies’ new song and even directed them during recording. The passion of the Sesch Kies members during recording was amazing.” The group will also be working with producer Park Guen Tae who produced their hit song, "The Way This Guy Lives".Along with both of these songs they will be choosing thier new title track from songs written by YG producers. Their new song will be released through a concert on September 10 and 11 at the Seoul Olympic Park. It will be their first comeback in sixteen years. Credit to article here
Here's a recent video of them performing 'Road Fighter'. This group debuted in May 15th, 1997.

Are You Excited About This Comeback? Let Me Know!!

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@MattK95 that awesome now I hope they do have their comeback
I'm excited for this!
I am hyped up for this!
So I was 2 years old when they debuted XD this will be awesome ^^