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Let's look at far they've come!

They debuted with HOT ISSUE.

The group was already popular because Hyuna had debuted with the Wonder Girls so there was a lot of hype around 4Minute. But, three days after their debut, the group's van was raided by fans, who stole clothing and other items. Not the best start...

They needed to change their image.

One of their songs was unexpectedly banned from broadcast because the lyrics were deemed too sexual. In response, Cube had them come out with "What A Girl Wants," a super cute innocent concept.

Then they caught their big break.

While they were successful rookies, they needed to prove they could survive the long haul. With HuH, they ranked 3 on the Gaon charts, and became one of the top girl groups of the era. Huh and I My Me Mine were part of this era.
Then the ladies went to take over the Jpop world too.

2013 and the Birth of 4Minute's Viral Hits

2013 is the year of What's Your Name, Is It Poppin', and What Are You Doing Today? These tracks and choreography blew up in Korea. They went completely viral, they're a huge part of pop culture, and they shot 4minute to super star status.

The Golden Age and the End

4Minute's last two singles were huge hits both in Korea and internationally. Hate was produced by Skrillex!
Unfortunately, on June 13, 2016, Cube announced that the group would be officially disbanding. Hyuna would stay on as a solo artist, but the other talented girls were free to move on to new dreams and projects.

I sincerely wish them the best and hope that we can all cherish the great memories they gave us!

4Minute Fighting!

still sad :(
Oh my gosh, total throwback. I remember listening to them when they first came out. Hot Issue and What a Girl Wants brings me back to when I was in middle school in Hong Kong xD
I miss them 😢
They broke up so its not the 7th year it stopped at 6
They debuted june 2009. They broke up june 2016. Thats 7 years.
I feel like you missed a song, Volume up
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IKR! Mine too!