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So I know I don't update this story as much as I should, I just want to say something before the chapter. well relized all my crazy has ended up in Kooki Monster as of late and left almost none for Ari and Trinity. most of my crazy items wind up there and gets posted really fast, well usually lol, but it's leaving very little material for adventure. it makes me sad that I'm going to post this chapter and then put it on hiatus for a while but I feel like I need to do so. I hope you laugh and enjoy this latest chapter.
After food the girls decided to walk around.  They found a little shop that sold stuffed animals and little nic nacks.  The guys had joined them and were playing with some of the animals making them talk.  Ari and Trinity were browsing around and spotted a little koala bear. "Look it's hobi! " Trinity said picking it up and making it dance. "Awe I want koala" Ari said picking one up. "Oh look kitty cat!" Ari picked up a cat that had a large head and a small body. It looked so cute and very Jin like. "I want a Jin kitty!" Trinity said the spotted another animal and dropped hobi koala back on the shelf. "No I get Tiger Kooki! " she said holding up an orange tiger then picked up a white tiger "and this is Suga! " She added. "What are you two doing?" Suga had come over and was looking between the two of them. "Playing" ari said with a grin. "This is Hobi and this is Jin!" Ari said "Tiger Kooki and tiger Suga! " Trinity showed him the Tigers.  "So your playing with them?" He questioned. "No" ari said "were naming them, oh we need three more! " Ari said. "I found a panda! " namjoon called from somewhere close by. "I want panda! " Ari called out. "No its mine and it's name is Ari" namjoon said coming in view. "Oh penguin, I dub you Jiminie" Trinity said. "I found  Tae! " Kooki called out and was beside namjoon holding out a spotted dog animal. "I want tae" Trinity made a grab by motion "No I found Tae!" Ari said picking out a pink unicorn.  Suga looked between them and then grabbed the unicorn. "Unicorn wins! This is Tae." Suga picked up a yellow bear "and this is namjoon" he said. "And this one is Trinity " Kooki said picking out Minnie mouse. "Oh gosh no that is Jimin!  Pretty princess Jiminie! " Trinity exclaimed making the guys laugh. "Does it resemble me that much?" Jimin came over and questioned. "I want to be a tiger-" "No be the lion! Here you roar! " Suga said holding out a lion to her "Okay Suga I'll be the lion" Trinity stated with a grin on her face. "I think we named our bundle. Lets go pay for them" ari said making her way to the register they payed and went back to where the boys were browsing. They  made a random conversation as they walked all conversation going through the animals. Once they got to the spot their rental cars they had to go there seperate ways. "You can drive okay?" Namjoon asked Ari. "Yea no problem. Trinity had me do a couple laps around the parking lot at the hotel. I didn't hit anything" Ari grinned at him happy about that fact. He looked very skeptical. "Im a good driver I swear!" She said raising her hand. "I have a hard time believing that" he grumbled. "Its okay I'll keep her from playing with the animals while driving " Trinity came over and told him. "Why would you play with them while you drove?" Suga questioned a little worried. "Because" ari grinned "hobi is there to keep me entertained!" Ari laughed playing with the koalas little paws. "Trinity don't let her play with them while she drives, and message me that you got back to the hotel when you get there." Suga turned to Trinity "Can do sir" she saluted him for a random reason. "But I want him to dance" ari pouted. "I can dance for you now" J hope said and randomly did a little dance from fire. It latest about thirty seconds making ari and Trinity giggle. "Okay I won't have little hobi do it since you did" ari said smiling. "Good and don't get distracted when driving, pay attention to where you are and where your headed" Jin stepped in and told me. "We'll be good and Ari will get us there safely" Trinity told him.  After that they said goodbyes and watched the girls leaving.  The guys had made sure they put the animals in the back seat away from grab by hands. 5 minutes later out of sight Trinity went into the back seat and brought the bag of animals to the front seat. "Ari ari! Keep your eyes on the road" Trinity said pulling out tiger Suga! "Suga" ari squealed "Yes Ari I came out to say hello and that you should pay attention to the road but I never said Trinity can't play with me " Trinity said. "Your right which is why I can play with you" Trinity continued pulling out her animal to talk through. "But Trinity isn't that unfair to Ari?" Trinity asked as Suga. "Trinity your so mean  let ari play" ari whined stopping at a light. "No, we have to get back in one piece" Trinity said then pulled another animal out of the bag. "Plus you wouldn't want to damage this car! This isn't your car so be a safe driver " Trinity said. "You know if I ever find you have been in a car accident and there is evidence that you were a distracted driver I will know you reached for the panda and tiger stuffed animal and started to play with them thus resulting in you not seeing the on coming car that you plow in to" Trinity came up with, well with a probable scenerio. "No! They would already be in the front seat and probably frolicking over the wheel dancing to music" ari said laughing. "Don't make them drive the car, that's worse" Trinity said "But they wanted to try driving  how could I refuse" ari said "Your right you can't say no to me!" Sarah said pulling koala out. "Hobi!" Ari reached but koala slapped at her hand. "No, you drive! I play with you later" Trinity said through koala. "Jin kitty!" Ari exclaimed as she drove but saw Trinity pull it out. "Red light!" Trinity said as Jin. "Thankies " Ari said stepping on the break to stop at that next light. "See ari can be a safe driver" Trinity pulled out another one. "Your so mean to me playing with them when I cant" ari whined. "Where do I turn?" She asked changing topics for a moment "I don't know, GPS is not on" Trinity said playing with the paws of Jin kitty. "What? Wait we need it on " ari said fumbling for the cell phone with GPS on it. "Pay attention to the road" Trinity said pulling out the lion as her and talking through it. "Oh this is my jam, I'm going to dance with Suga!" She said turning the music up to Lotto and making the animals dance. "I wish I could record this" ari said watching fascinated. "I may be from BTS but I love Lotto! " Trinity said making them laugh. "Oh god that is funny" Ari said. "Can I please have my panda?" She asked. "Fine, just don't kill us" she said. "Um Trin Trin.  I don't recognize this street" Ari said as the panda. "Ari we just have a straight shot back to the hotel, you can't miss it" Trinity told her. 10 minutes later. "Whose phone is ringing?" Ari asked. "Mine hold on let me answer, you keep an eye on the road, I swear it should be coming up soon." Trinity said before answering. "Where are you girls  at? How did we beat you to the hotel?" Suga was calling. "We should be approaching, it was just a straight shot" Trinity told him and heard a sound come from him. "Trinity there are at least three turns you have to make, it's not a straight line " he told her. "Oh  oops, maybe we should have turned GPS on" Trinity winced "sorry Ari, we got lost" Trinity said to her. "Trinity why didn't you have GPS on? You don't know where you are do you? " he questioned. "Well no cause I'm on the phone with you and not pulling out gps" she said. "I'll just turn around and go back to where we were" ari said following the fact they went in a different direction. "Im hanging up, we will figure out how to get back " Trinity said before hanging up "Is he mad" ari asked. "Oh yea "she smiled and pulled the white tiger out. "But I won't stay mad long, I'll forgive the cute face and be happy you made it to the hotel in one piece" Trinity stated as Suga.  "Oh Suga don't let her off the hook that easily," ari said. "Well you were the driver not her" she said as suga. "But she's the navigator" ari said. "But there was no navigator in the car" Trinity said as Suga. "Thats a problem there should be one hmm maybe we should turn gps on now" Trinity pulled at Jin kitty. "Omg yes please turn it on!" Ari exclaimed. It turned out they were now 25 minutes away instead of 15. Great, that was an extra 10 minutes then how long it took to get to the restaurant. "You leave that on, oh hey you can have Joonie give me directions!" Ari Said looking at the bag. Trinity laughed but pulled out the animal of namjoon. "Oh I wish I had gotten him as a fox that would have been awesome" ari said. "No the racoon with the pink eyes!" Trinity said. "He has to have green eyes, so fox!" "No purple, for my favorite color!" Ari laughed.  "Then Suga needs blue eyes" Trinity said "Why blue?"ari asked  "Its my favorite color" she laughed. "Well panda has blue eyes but you can't steal thrm" ari said as they both laughed. "Panda is all yours " Trinity said. "here gps is on and ready for us to go, or maybe not how is it we just turned it on and it's rerouting us oh there we go okay we go three miles and then take a right" Trinity stated "this thing better trust me and not repeat itself three times, I swear mine does that and it's like I get it you don't trust me but please shut up I know I'm turning I'm sitting at a light or better yet I'm already turning and it's telling me to turn like I don't know what I'm doing" ari went into a rant. "you read way to much into it " Trinity said after a long pause "I don't know whether I should play that off as a joke or say I really think my gps had its own personality and try to stick to a story here" Ari said sheepishly. "never play it off as a joke. you just can't pull it off" Trinity laughed. "No I really cant" ari laughed. she watched the streets to make sure she turned at the right street and then there was two quick turns right away and then the gps sputtered out they were at their destination. "like it really can't take us to the parking lot no just leave us on the street. what if we just passed our hotel that wouldn't have been good" Ari said. "let it go, don't pick a fight with a computer. I don't know if you can win" Trinity said Trinity sent a message to Suga telling him they got their safely, he replied saying sorry they couldn't stick around and had to get back to the studio. "at least we made it back in one piece " Trinity stated ari laughed. "Come on lets go to our room and play with these animals" Ari laughed getting out of the car.
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Aww I'm sad your putting this in hiatus but you might get some good stuff over the next month right right lol