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"ew there's a cricket on the ground." Sarah said staring at the bug on the floor. "Ew that thing is huge!" Jenni said going farther away from the bug. Sarah walked over and kicked it to see if it was still alive. "Yup it's still alive…but now it's on its back so it'll die like that." sarah started to walk away. "That's so mean why don’t you put it out of its misery ." Tae said walking over to it. "I'm not touching that thing." Sarah said walking away from the bug. Tae smiled and bent over. "Tae what are you doing?" Jimin asked which caused Sarah to turn around. Tae was picking up the cricket in his hand and had an evil smile on his face. He took a step towards Sarah and she took a step back. "Don't even think about it." And in an instant he was running after her as she ran around the apartment. She stopped when he was on the other side of the couch. "You wouldn’t really throw that at her would you?" Yoongi asked "Yoongi take him out!" Sarah whined and Tae quickly jumped over the couch. "AHHHHH" Sarah took off running trying to find the fastest way out of the apartment. She couldn’t go through the door because it was locked and he would for sure throw it at her in that time. She was in the kitchen now. She could hear Jenni laughing. "Jenni you wouldn’t be laughing if you were in my position." Sarah yelled. "Your right so thank you Tae for doing that to her." Jenni continued to laugh. "Someone Save me!" Sarah screamed and Kookie and Yoongi both walked into the door way. Jhope was standing by the door laughing. "Jhope…you are just like Jenni." Sarah yelled "Yay me and J-horse are on a team." Jenni said still laughing. Sarah took a step towards Kookie and that’s when Tae threw the bug. "AHHH!" Sarah screamed and just barely dodged the bug. It was on the floor and sarah quickly grabbed a box and smashed it and left it on the floor so it was covered up and ran after Tae. "I swear Taehyung if I get my hands on you, you are going to regret it!" Sarah said still trying to get Tae. All of a sudden Tae fell to the ground. Sarah smiled and quickly jumped on top of him pinning him down. "Who tripped me?" Tae asked looking around and his eyes landed on Jhope. "Thanks buddy!" Sarah said making sure her legs kept his legs from moving and her hands held his hands down. "Oh this is kinky." Tae said with a smirk. "Oh you don’t know how kinky it's about to get." Sarah smirked back at him. His face was priceless. "Sarah, Kookie's right there." He used his head to point in the direction of Kookie. "Oh I know." She leaned in closer and Tae shut his eyes. With his eyes shut Sarah turned to look at Jenni and was trying to hold in her laughter. Jenni knew what Sarah wanted and she quickly got up and grabbed the glass of water that was on the table. Sarah put her face next to his ear. "You are never going to be able to forget me." And with that Sarah pulled back making sure to keep him pinned and Jenni dumped the water on his face. Then Sarah and Jenni started laughing and Sarah jumped off of him and ran and hid behind Kookie. Tae wiped his face off and looked the direction Sarah was at. "You are right I am never going to be able to forget you. This war has just started it isn't over yet." Tae said getting up and going to dry his face off. Sarah moved so that Kookie was between them no matter what angle. When he was in the bathroom Sarah was between the couch and Kookie. She looked up at him. "I'm sorry. I shouldn’t have done that." She looked at him making sure he knew that she was just messing with Tae. "I don't like seeing you like that with other guys even if he is my best friend and yours." Sarah smiled and pulled him down towards her and kissed him. "Hey Break it up!!!" Jenni and Jin and Jimin said at the same time. The two didn't until Yoongi said something. "Kookie…" Kookie froze. "Sarah." Sarah froze the tone Yoongi used they quickly pulled apart. "Sorry Hyung." Kookie said and he looked back at Sarah "I love you." She whispered "I love you too." He said back as Tae walked into the room and Kookie pulled sarah into a hug. "You two suck." Tae said "Jenni, you get to clean up the dead bug in the kitchen." Sarah said turning her head to face Jenni. She was still being hugged by Kookie so she had her head on his chest. "Jooonie will you go clean it up." Jenni asked playing with his hair. "Anything for you babe." He said and got up, but he pulled Jenni with him. "Wait I don’t want to go in there." "To bad. " He had picked Jenni up and walked into the kitchen and set her on the counter. He quickly cleaned up the dead bug and then moved back to her. She wrapped her legs around him bringing him closer. "My big strong destructive boyfriend." Jenni said and pulled Namjoon closer and kissed his lips. "I can be destructive in a good way." He smirked while still kissing her. "I like that idea very much." "Hey! HEY! HEEEY! " Namjoon's pocket screamed out and he pulled away and pulled out his phone and shut his alarm off. "We got to go babe, we have to go to practice now." "Oh fine." she gave him one last kiss and then jumped off the counter and followed him out to the living room. A quick goodbye was exchanged and everyone left. Sarah turned to Jenni. "What?" Jenni asked "So How was it?" "How was what?" Jenni asked turning to walk away. "Don’t play with me I know you and Namjoon had sex last night. I mean come on when I came back it smelled like sex in here." "You didn’t get to interrupt." She laughed "I didn’t want to see anything, If I did I would have forced myself on Kookie to get rid of that image." Sarah laughed "oh and we know you and Kookie aren't ready to go that far." Jenni said opening her door. "Hey we are so ready….well I mean come on there is some sexual tension there, but we both think we need to wait since we haven't been dating that long." "Me and Namjoon have been dating a little under 2 months now so it's all god." Jenni was picking up her blankets and putting them on her bed. "Jenni come on girl talk, I know you want to talk about it. Also we can go and get groceries." Sarah said with a cheesy smile on her face. "You really want to know?" Jenni asked "Well not a lot of details but like how was it?" "Alright, I will tell you that it was better than I imagined. And I swear that man can probably go several times in one night." "How many times did you?" "We only did it twice, but I feel like he was being chill, the look in his eyes made me think he wanted more." "Wow Jenni you got to be that good if he wanted to eat you up more." Sarah giggled. "Alright that’s all I'm telling you… now what happened between you and Kookie?" "Nothing really. I mean he was going to leave me here last night because he didn’t trust us sleeping in the same bed together. Especially if we would have heard you guys going at it we probably would have done something to drowned out the noise of you two." "Ok you sound like we are scarring you guys for life." "To be honest hearing that stuff and seeing it is two different things. Like seeing it yes scared and hearing it nah not so much." "ah ok, So obviously you went back to Kookie's, what did you guys do?" Jenni asked trying to get sarah back on topic. "I slept in Namjoon's bed and Kookie slept in his." "Hey you aren't allowed in Namjoon's bed only me." Jenni pouted. "Dude he wasn't in the bed obviously. If he was that would be weird and messed up." Sarah and Jenni had finally got to the front door and were putting their shoes on and walked out the door. "Anyways. Sometime in the middle of the night I ended up in Kookie's bed with him, and again nothing happened. We just cuddled." "Then why did the guys say they interrupted you two." "Because they walked in when we had started making out. Jenni… I don’t know if this is how you feel but…Every time I touch Kookies lips I go crazy, they are so soft and I love kissing them. I could probably live off of his kisses." "I totally get that feeling with Joonie." The girls continued having girl talk as they were shopping. After 45 minutes the girls left and went home. As they got in the elevator Sarah started not feeling to well. She leaned her head against the wall. It was cold and made her feel better. "Jenni I'm not feeling good. My stomach really hurts, and my head is starting to hurt too." "Well good thing we are almost home that way you can rest." Jenni said after a few seconds the elevator opened. Sarah wobbled out of the elevator while Jenni followed behind to make sure she didn’t fall. "Do you want me to go get you some soup to eat, That’s the one thing we didn’t buy when we were at the store." Jenni said. "You know.. I want soup right now, but I know what's going to happen after I eat. It's not going to stay down." Sarah set the bags she was carrying on the counter in the kitchen. "What do you mean?" Is it the migraine again?" "Yep." "Well then I will go get something for when you are ready, and when you're done throwing up you can eat it." "Wait…Wait… Wait! You want me to eat my throw up!?" Sarah said shocked "No! Oh my god no that would be so nasty! I meant you can eat the soup that I buy." Jenni said with a laugh "Ah ok. I was like Man Jenni you are one nasty person. But yea I'm just going to take some medicine and lay down. Hopefully I'll feel better sooner rather than later." Sarah said walking to the cabinet to grab some medicine. "Alright I'm going to run out to the store real quick. If you need me just text me." "Ok, thank you." Sarah called after Jenni who had walked out the door. Sarah was going to go to her room but she wanted to put the groceries away first. After she put them away she headed to her room and laid down. As she laid there she was hoping it would go away. She was sick of the pain in her head and stomach. After several minutes of lying there and not falling asleep she moved and her stomach did a flip and she quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom, barely making it into the bathroom to throw up. She felt a little better but when she stood up and walked out of the room she felt like she was going to do it again. She laid down on the floor outside of the bathroom. She didn’t want to go too far from the bathroom. After several minutes Sarah started to doze off when she heard the door to the apartment open. She heard Jenni getting closer. "Oh my gosh! Sarah! What are you doing on the floor?" That was definitely not Jenni. Sarah opened her eyes and turned her head to take a peek. "Koooookiiieeeee I don't feel good." She whined "Babe maybe you shouldn’t be laying on the floor." He stated "But I'm closer to the bathroom, Its safer." "Come on, I'll take you to your bed." "Noooo, I don’t want to." Sarah continued to whine. "Well too bad you just got to suck it up." Kookie picked up sarah bridal style and she just clung to him, breathing in his scent making her feel better. He laid her down on her bed, and he went to cover her up and she grabbed his hand. "Where are you going?" She asked "Jenni stopped by the studio and thought that it would be a nice thing to send me to take care of you since you sent Namjoon when she was sick. I got soup downstairs, so I'll go make it and be right back." "Oh man I love Jenni, She knew what I needed." Sarah smiled "Ok babe you rest, I'm going to make the soup." "No I'm not ready for it yet. I might throw it up." "At least you'll get some type of food in your stomach, which you need nutrients to get better." He said walking towards the door. "You're not going to leave me are you." When sarah got sick she worried about things she didn’t need to. "No I'm just going to the kitchen." "I mean leave me as in break up with me, I probably don’t look good right now." Sarah thought she said this quietly but Kookie stopped and turned around to look at her. "You think you look bad? Sarah I don’t care what you look like, I care about your personality more than your looks. If you aren't feeling good I will worry about you all the time. You mean so much to me." "AWW" was all she could say as a smile grew on her face. He giggled lightly. "Alright you rest and I'll be back." and off he went to the kitchen to make her soup. Sarah felt very happy although she felt like crap at the same time. When Kookie finally made his way back into Sarah's room, he saw the cutest thing. Sarah was there cuddling into her giant tiger named Jungkook. He couldn’t help but smile, and want to be in that tigers spot. He was jealous over a stuffed animal. He wanted to cuddle with her, but she wasn't feeling good. He still thought it was adorable. He didn’t want to wake her up from her sleep, but he had to make sure she ate. He walked over and lightly taped her and she slowly opened her eyes. "Hey babe I got your food ready. Do you want to sit up and try to eat?" He questioned "mhmm." she said and then quickly got up, which she instantly regretted doing that. In an instant she was off the bed and running to the bathroom and ended up throwing up again. Kookie followed her. As she was finishing up she screamed at Kookie. "Go away, I don’t want you seeing this." He didn’t listen. "I already told you, I don’t care what you look like, this is something every human does. I'm going to love you with anything you throw at me. I don’t think there is something you can do that will make me run away." he said taking her hair from her hand and pulling in into a messy ponytail. "There is going to be a limit I hit." "You know what Sarah we will cross that bridge if that time ever comes but right now I don’t give a crap about anything but making sure you get better." "Stop being so sweet to me." Sarah said as she whipped her face and flushed the toilet and stood up. "Why? Aren't you used to guys being sweet to you?" He asked as he watched her wash her hands. "Ha!" That's funny! The last guy I dated was Mike. And that obviously was not that kind of relationship. And that was several years ago. They walked out of the bathroom. "Well, I'm 100% different from your ex. So don't worry about it, Just get better for me. And Heck if Namjoon saw Jenni sick why can't I see you sick?" "Well, Jenni didn’t want Namjoon to see her… or maybe it was she didn’t want to get him sick, Which I don’t either but mine isn't contagious so you can stay here." "Oh yea? What do you have?" "Just migraines" "Really?" "Yeah they are just so intense sometimes that I can't handle it. But you know what I'm feeling better now so let's try that soup you made me." They went back to her room. Kookie held onto her making sure she was fine, and she didn’t really mind him holding onto her. She sits down and Kookie's set the tray on her lap and she starts eating. As she is eating Kookie is watching her. "Ok Kookie you can stop staring at me. It's kind of embarrassing." She said as her face was getting a little pink. "But your so cute when you eat." "Oh please don’t do this to me!" "What? You are just so gosh darn cute." "Stop. You just need to stop. I want to enjoy my food without me trying to stare at you too." "I'm sorry but I can't take my eyes off of you babe." "You know…" Sarah stopped and threw her tiger at him. "Stop being so cheesy and cute, I didn’t think I would like cheesy, but I love it when you say things like that." He laughed. "Yeah I'm pretty good at this." Kookie stayed the night and cuddled with Sarah after she had eaten and was feeling better.
Wow I wrote alot more than I thought....and yes Jenni it's her turn to hang with Joonie by herself...maybe unless the guys are there lol... I hope you enjoyed this chapter...the cricket incident actually happened today at work my coworker chased me around the pharmacy.
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@JaxomB Oooh that's what Jenni gets to do preparations for suprise! eek so happy to get idea! Thankies!
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but yes Om @SweetDuella you need to do this Cuz then you can end it and Sarah and Kookie smut kekeke you know birthday party in the bedroom lol
Migraines are the worst! It's sweet Kookie would hold her hair back. Shouldn't the boys prepare for Kookie's bday?
The cricket thing was funny, and Tae was like that's mean for saying it can die on its back but I thought of something meaner. Put it out of its misery, here I'll chase you with it, that'll definitely put it out of its misery. The part where Kookie held back Sarahs hair was so cute!
I think I just died from cuteness over load! This was totally adorable and sweet and funny!
lol funny oh gosh I was wondering where you got cricket from, tho at first I'm like condom oh gosh did namjoon not throw that away???? how tramatizing but nope cricket suppose that's better Hmmm okay now I have to figure what comes next.