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I've noticed a lot of new faces in the community and I want to get to know you all!

A loooooong time ago we made intro cards but I want to start that up again if you guys are into it!

Make a card and answer these questions:

1. How did you get into Kpop?
2. Who are your biases? (Can you name just ONE ultimate bias?!)
3. Anything else fun and interesting~^^

I got into Kpop through Jpop actually!

I was on YouTube browsing random Jpop videos and came across a TVXQ video back in 2005/2006. I fell in love.
Through them I found Big Bang, Super Junior, and the rest is history. I honestly started to leave the fandom in 2010-ish because life was getting in the way, but then I found Infinite and fell straight down the rabbit hole again.

My ultimate bias is none other than Cha Hakyeon.

I also have a major crush on Suga but we'll save that for another day >.< I also really love Wendy from Red Velvet!

Anything else? Hmmmm...

Well, most people here call me Kimchi! I am 23 and I was raised in San Diego~
I am sort of intermediate as far as my Korean skills but I'm trying to study a lot more!
I'm really friendly I promise so if you ever have questions or concerns or anything never hesitate to message me!!!!!!

Tag me in your intro posts too^^~

So I can add you to THIS collection^^
I adore Hakyeon but Leo is slowly creeping up on him.
I'll do this as soon as I can!♡
I will do this tomorrow <3
Ah, I learned something new about you Kimchi~ We are the same age 😁
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