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It's Wednesday and we all know what that means! It's Waifu Wednesday!! And the theme today is Sisters Edition! I debated on using the same Hayama sisters again but then decided to go with these two beauty's! Kosaki and Haru Onodera!
They are both amazingly beautiful! I don't know what I would do if I had to choose between these two!
They are such kind, funny and gorgeous girls I would marry both of them in a heartbeat if I could!
I'll leave it at that for this week's edition! Stay tuned next week for the next theme of WW! Tagging the WW crew! (If you want a tag next time let me know!) @hikaymm @blackoutzj @InVinsybll @slimbrown13 @majahnnelson @PASCUASIO @AshChrimson @aidangiannattas @tylor619cruz @voidx @janxsalas @jessicaferrier @SAMURXAI @otakudemon10 @kawaiiporpoise @kurosakijess @marcuscollins @asuramina @biancadanica98 @officialYadiel @jeremimzy17