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Chapter 1 ************* I whimpered in my sleep as I tossed and turned. Heavy pants came out as I whimper again. "No" "Don't leave" "Mom" My eyes flew open as I shot up from the floor. It was the same dream I have from time to time. I was dreaming about my mom in her bed, hooked up to IV's and other needles. In the dream she was skinny that her bones were showing. She had bags under her eyes. I was sitting next to her, holding her hand. Then the heart monitor goes dead and I'm scream and crying. I ran my hands through my sweaty hair as I tried to calm myself down. I looked around the room. My eyes landed on the clock. It was six pm in the afternoon for humans. A body stirred on a bed. I shifted my gaze to the muscular body of Ravi. I pulled my legs into my chest as I rested my chin on my knees. I watched him sleep. He changed his black hair to a silver color after Leo and Areum left for their honeymoon. I found myself crawl closer to him. I raised a shaking hand. I wasn't for sure what I was doing. It was like my body took over my mind. As I was close to touching Ravi's face, a hand suddenly grabbed my wrist in a tight grip. Ravi's eyes snapped open. They weren't the normal red eyes. They were pitch black. I gasped as he sat up and pulled me close to him. "So its alright for you to touch me when I'm sleeping?" He growled. I know I was a hunter but never in my years have I seen a vampire act like this. It had me shaken in fear. There was a sharp pain to my left eye as I flew back onto the floor. I held my eye and laid there. "I asked you a question" he said getting off the bed. Grabbing by the collar of my pajama shirt and pinned me against the wall with more force so my head hit the wall hard. "No its not" I said quickly. I wasn't for sure what I could do not to anger him more. He raised his hand and slapped me. I could taste the metallic of my blood from the cut on my lip. "I'M A MASTER TO YOU!!! YOU WILL CALL ME MASTER!!!" he yelled as he slapped me again. He turned us around and threw me on the bed as he stormed out the room with a bang from the door. I sat there shaking. Will this always happen when this side of him comes out. I knew I had to be strong and not let this fazes me but I couldn't. My love for him made me fear of him. Beep Beep A noise made in the room. I got up to find where the noise was coming from. Beep Beep It took me minutes to find the noise coming from my phone. I unlocked my phone and saw a message from my brother saying he wanted to meet up. I replied to him and set the phone back down. I wasn't for sure what to do in the room as he left me in it. So I ended up pacing back and forth as I chew on my thumb. I sighed and got tired of waiting. It was already close to eight-fifty-five pm and he was still not back. I gave up and decided to take a shower. To relax myself. When I looked in the mirror, I let out a big gasp as I saw the busted lip and a well form bruise on my eye. I touched my cut and whinced as it hurt. I touched my bruise and whinced again. I shook the pain off and started to strip my clothes off. The water left nice on my skin as it relieve the tension of my muscles. I wasn't sure if it because I been sleeping on the floor or not knowing when I will live or be killed. Massaging my sore muscles, I gave a sigh of relief that I was feeling fresh. I shut the water and dried myself off. I clothed myself in the bathroom and put make up on but to my very best you could still see the bruise and busted lip. I opened the bathroom door and stepped back in the bedroom to see Ravi sitting on the bed. Dress in his usual revealing clothing and his red eyes normal. I looked at the time to see it was close to nine-thirty. I cleared my throat and looked at me feet that were clothed in socks. I walked to where my combat boots were and put them on. When I was going to walk by again. Ravi stook out a hand and pulled me towards him. There I stood. His head was on my stomach as his hands were on my hips. "I have no words to say but why do I feel this way towards you." He said. For some reason, I wasn't expecting a sorry from him. I mean deep down, I know he feels sorry but doesn't know the way to say it. "My brothers are waiting at the cafe. We better hurry." I said pulling away from him and walked out of the room. It was now ten o' clock at night and the family favorite cafe was closing in an hour. Ravi was trailing behind me as I opened the door to the cafe. My combat boots made a sound as  I walked on the floor to the other side of the room. There sat my brother Cory with Kisu. They sat at the table, engaged in a conversation as their mugs stayed on the table, untouched. You could tell that the drinks were still warm because of the steam rising up. Pulling the seat back from the table. I sat myself in the chair as I looked at my two older brothers. They seemed to not be able to take their eyes off of the visible bruise I had around my eye and the busted lip that I tried so hard to cover both. "Lei what happened to you?" Cory asked as he looked back and forth from Ravi and me. Cory's hand was slowly clutching into a fist. I quickly put my hand on top of his and shook my head no. We had a staring moment for awhile till he pulled back his hands and looked some where else. "Is he abusing you Lei?" Kisu asked. "No--" I sighed and pressed my lips together but stop because it hurt the part of my lip that was cut opened. "No its his otherself, its unbalanced with my spiritual energy. That's all, I promise" They didn't seem to want to say anything or to believe what I was saying was true. I turn to look at Ravi. He was sitting in the corner of the cafe with his feet propped on the table as he watched us. Turning back to my brothers, I cleared my throat. "Can we please get to whatever you wanted to tell me?" I asked them. I was getting inpatient with them. They looked at each other, in a moment of silence. Cory sighed. "Dad died, well more like killed. It happened when we went to kill that guy but didn't." Cory said. I felt my throat tighten and my chest having a sharp pain, that felt like someone was stabbed me in the chest a thousand times. They were letting the words sink in my head. Playing like a scratched up record cd repeating the same part over and over. I choked on my saliva as the tears spilled down my face. I lowered my face to the table. They both seemed to move closer to me. Rubbing my back and hugging me. They said a few things in my ear to calm me down but it only made me sob even more. I know I wasn't close to my dad as how close I was to mom, Sungho and Daeil. But hearing those words about my dad being dead, I cried. He loved me and showed me the things I needed to know to kill a night creature. Once I was able to control myself, Cory and Kisu stepped back to let me have my space. I whiped the salty tears off my cheeks whole sniffing my snot back in my nose. "Did you do the durning ritual?" I asked as they both nod. I frowned and looked at my hands. If  I didn't go with Ravi then I would have been able to see the burning ritual. "Don't beat youself up because you weren't there Lei." Kisu seemed to know what I was thinking of. "I'm not" lying to him but I knew he could see through my lies. "Yes and I'm deaf." Giving me a sarcastic reply as I chuckled at it. "Anything else?" I asked them. Cory nod. "Seeing how I'm oldest Son and became the leader, I need to know if your fighting alone or with us?" I took a sip of Cory's tea and looked at him, Kisu and then turned to Ravi. He his red eyes board into me, giving me flutters in my stomach and my heart beating fast. "I would like to work with both, me by myself and somedays with you guys." Giving them an answer as I looked away from Ravi. "Okay then." Cory pushed the chair back and stood up along with Kisu. "I'll keep in touch with you" He started his way to the front door but stopped to look at Ravi. His jaw and fist were clenching as he glared at Ravi. "You? If you lay one hand on my sister, I will personally murder you. The only reason I'm not right now is because someone told me that I can't change Lei mind about you." With that he walked off. Kisu nod at Ravi before chasing after our brother. I sat there with Cory's tea in my hand. I heard scraps on the floor and heavy foot steps coming towards me. I looked up to see Ravi was now sitting in the spot that Cory was sitting in a minute ago. "Kitten?" "Hmm?" I responded back to him as I looked into his eyes. "I'm sorry"  My eyes searched into his as I had millions of questions to why was he sorry. Was he sorry because the other side of him. Was he sorry because I lost my dad. I nod and stood up from the chair. "Come on we should head home now."
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Ooohh!! This is not going to be easy for either Lei or Ravi. He's really going to have to fight his bad side and that does not look easy. I see nothing breaking them up once they are able to form a bond of some sort. ☺️
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Woo! 😂