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“Wonho, you’re back. Fantastic.” The man said with a bitter tone, before walking over to Wonho and backhanding him. “WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY ABOUT GOING BY YOURSELF AND GETTING CAUGHT?!” “I’m sorry, boss.” Wonho said, looking down. The man looked over at me and walked out. “Throw her in with Woozi.” He threw over his shoulder. Wonho, looked over at me with worried eyes and helped me up. “Good luck.” Jin said, going back to his desk. “Who’s Woozi?” I asked, Wonho, who didn’t respond. He led me to the elevator and, using a key, hit the lowest level, bringing us to a concrete room. There was a small brown haired man sitting in the corner of the room, strumming on a guitar. “Hello.” He greeted. “Hyung wanted me to bring her to you. She was in Himchan’s warehouse. They brought her there because she has something to do with Big Boss, but she lost her memory.” Wonho explained, making me sit in the chair in the middle of the room. “Got it.” The man said, strumming the guitar still. “I’m sorry.” Wonho whispered in my ear, latching my arms and legs into leather straps on the chair before walking out. I stared at him panicked. “Wonho? What’s happening? Where are you going?!” I yelled after him, which he ignored and got back in the elevator, leaving. “I’m Woozi.” The man said, standing up and putting his guitar down. “Nice to meet you.” He said, circling around me. “I’m the equivalent of Wonshik in Himchan’s operation.” He said, staring at me like he wasn’t particularly interested. My heart started to beat quickly. Not this again. “Don’t worry, Key hyung hasn’t given me any instructions yet, you’re just my guest for right now.” He said, flashing a small smile before walking back to his guitar and strumming again. “Do you remember what kind of music you like?” Woozi asked. I silently shook my head. He frowned then shrugged before singing quietly. His voice was beautiful. “So…do we just wait here then?” I asked, my heart was pounding erratically and my mouth was dry. Something about how eerily calm and polite he was scared me. “Until I get anymore instructions, yes.” Woozi said, leaning back and closing his eyes, continuing to sing. He opened one eye after a while and looked over at me. “You’re probably thirsty, huh?” I looked over at him, beads of sweat starting to collect on my forehead. “You can calm down.” He said, pulling out his phone before typing something on it. “Key hyung is on his way.” He said, standing up and putting his guitar down. He walked to the elevator and waited patiently. The elevator doors opened and the man who walked out was a different one from Jin’s office. He was shorter, closer to my height. He nodded to Woozi and then made his way over to me, looking closely at my bruised face. He unlatched me and held out his hand to me. I reluctantly took his hand, causing a smile to burst across his face before he pulled me into a hug. “Ah, Hakyeon hyung is going to be so happy we found you.” He chimed. “Um…hyung..she doesn’t remember who she is, much less you.” Woozi said to him, causing the man to pull away and look at me. “You don’t remember me?” He asked. I silently shook my head, trying to calm my pounding heart. “Ah well, that’s alright, we’ll deal with that later. For now we need to bring you to Hakyeon hyung.” He said, wrapping his arm around my waist. “It’s been a while since he’s seen you. He’s missed you so much.” “He knew me?” I asked, feeling uncomfortable with him holding me so close. “You guys were inseparable.” Key said, smiling kindly at me. I nodded slightly, looking at the elevator door as it closed and Woozi sat back down with his guitar and started to strum and sing quietly again. “And what were we?” I asked Key, turning my attention back to him as he removed his hand from my waist, letting me lean against the wall of the elevator. “We were friends.” He said, smiling again. I nodded awkwardly, looking away. “4th floor.” The elevator chimed as the doors opened and a black haired man tackled me into a hug as soon as the door opened. “Oh god I missed you.” He whispered into my hair, causing me to look over at Key alarmed. He just gave me a thumbs up and smiled. The man pulled back and smiled widely at me. “Come on inside. Key, you too.” “Yes, sir.” Key said, walking past the man calmly. “Now, I hear you lost your memory.” The man said, pulling me along behind him as he walked into the room that lay beyond the elevator doors. “Does that mean you lost who I am?” He asked, glancing back at me with childlike eyes. “U…um…” I stuttered. Something about the air surrounding this man oozed dangerous, yet he was somewhat familiar. “I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’ then,” He frowned, leading me to a leather couch that Key was already sitting on and was enjoying a glass of wine. “Well, I’m Cha Hakyeon. “Your fiancé.”
You know it baby
I fucking knew it was the gang AU! You can't fool me!
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