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I woke up to Youngbae lightly shaking my shoulder. Opening my eyes, I saw he was holding a bowl of some kind of soup. Then I noticed my head was in Jiyong’s lap, who was fast asleep. I sat up and took the bowl from Youngbae who smiled at me.
“Feel better?” He asked.
“A little actually.”
“When you eat, I’ll help you to your room so you can go to sleep.”
“No, no, I don’t want to sleep the entire day. I’ll sleep later tonight. Thank you, Youngbae.” I shivered inadvertently. Youngbae walked out of the room quickly before poking his head back around the corner.
“Where’s your bedroom?”
“Down the hall and to the right.” I said, tasting a spoonful of the soup. I have to admit it’s been a while since I’ve tasted homemade Korean food. Usually, I cook for myself and never got to learn any Korean recipes from my mom before she died, and dad wasn’t too great at making them so we just ate easy American food. Mac and cheese was especially my favorite. Mostly when I got home from school. I usually just ate an apple and a banana during lunch because there was no way in hell that I was going to eat that prison food. The only time I actually ate the school’s food was pizza day or taco day. Those seemed to be the only edible foods that my school seemed to serve. Even then, the pizza was still frozen in the center.
“Wow..” I whispered to myself as Youngbae walked back in with my favorite fuzzy black blanket. “This is really good, Youngbae.” I said, eating some more.
“It’s yookgaejang.” He said, handing the blanket to me.
“Thank you.” I said. Youngbae sat down on the loveseat beside the couch and started playing on his phone. I turned on the TV, causing Jiyong to move around in his sleep. I looked at his face and noticed how tired he looked.
“How busy have you guys been? He looks exhausted.” I said to Youngbae.
“Well, we haven’t been too busy. I mean, we’ve been practicing and stuff for the tour, but Jiyongie has been up late, or not even going to bed, recently because he’s always at the studio. I guess he’s taking this break up really rough. We didn’t even meet her. They only way we knew is because he told us when they got together and a couple days ago, Seungri asked him when we were going to meet her and Jiyong said they broke up.” Youngbae said, looking at the man beside me.
“Does he usually take break ups this badly?” I asked him. Youngbae hummed in thought.
“It kind of depends. He’s usually the one that breaks up with girls. A lot of them try to use him, so he breaks up with them after a couple days. They never last long. When we were younger, he said he was in love. She ended up cheating on him with one of our close friends. He didn’t take it very well. They lasted almost a year I think. However, with this one….it was only a couple months.” Youngbae trailed off as Jiyong stirred before waking up, and rubbing his eyes.
“Youngbae-ah. Are you ready to leave?”
“You can go if you want. I want to stay with MaeLyn until Mi Cha gets here. I wouldn’t want her to throw a fit if MaeLyn is home alone.” Youngbae laughed.
“Alright.” Jiyong said, standing up and walking out.
“Bye!” I called out to him, causing Youngbae to laugh under his breath and Jiyong to groan tiredly. “ that way. I see how it is.” I muttered, causing Youngbae to laugh hard.
“Shut up, Youngbae. She’s not that funny.” Jiyong said, closing the front door after him. I laughed at the look on Youngbae’s face.
The next couple days were filled with me going to the set and filming constantly. Mi Cha had me on a leash. She wouldn’t let me do whatever I wanted, because she “wasn’t going to let me die.” Though I told her several times that I was fine. Seunghyun and the rest of BIGBANG finally had to leave to go on their tour. It was pretty boring without his dorky ass to mess around with.
“Unnie. There’s going to be a meeting once filming wraps up tonight.” Mi Cha said as the finishing touches were getting done to my hair.
“Alright.” I said, reading the script. There was only once scene left to film tonight. In it, I was just in the background, listening to people talk shit about me, before I started to yell at them. It’ll go by fast, as long as one of the other actresses don’t mess up their lines. There’s a lot of dialogue between them.
“Oh. He changed his mind.” Mi Cha said, looking at her phone as it vibrated.
“Everyone! Gather up!” I heard the director yell. I smiled at Min Soo and stood up, walking out to where he was yelling from. “It seems that we’ll be wrapping up this movie faster than originally planned. This is a good thing. Congratulations everyone and thank you for your good work. Now let’s get the last scene for tonight filmed, shall we?” He asked, everyone whooping and hollering. I laughed and waited for the other actresses to get ready.
“Unnie. You got a text.” Mi Cha said, handing me my phone.
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