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I saw this from @kpopandkimchi (very nice person yes I wish I could become their friend someday XD I AM NOT WORTHY!) and I never really did an intro card when I joined Vingle so here's mine now!
I actually found kpop back while searching for songs on YouTube doing some gaming stuff and all, on July 35th 2013 is when I discovered EXO. ((I fell in love with Sehun yesss!)) Song I listened to was Growl, but then later in the year I found BTS!
My ultimate bias is Bangtan's leader

Kim Namjoon



Interesting things about me are uhh o-o well this gif expresses on how I kind of joined Vingle XD just popped into this community

I am friendly and I love anime as much as I love kpop. I currently love BTS, I am obsessed literally omg help! I am very awkward in a way I can't describe, but I love being weird and making people smile!

Amazing Kpopper Friends! -

Heart to you all~!(U・ω・)⊃♡

((If you want to be tagged in my taglist or removed please tell me! ^∇^ ))

HAHAHA blame sehun for dragging you into this mess and HELLO WE'RE ALREADY FRIENDS DUHHHH
@kpopandkimchi omg sehun killed me! he still does! and yay I'm happy we're friends!