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I never really did an intro and how I got here but let's start here shall we.
Let's see..... When I first started listening to kpop or any asian music was when I was in high school... So about September 10 2009 in my freshmen year I have been an anime freak since middle school, but my best friend had show me Big Bang Haru Haru and Beast bad girl was when I fell in love with kpop.
My ultimate Bias!!! SEHUN!!! From EXO. When Wolf had came out Sehun caught my eye before any other member in EXO. His smile is amazing! I discover EXO probably my first semester of college and I have fallen in love with them, BTS, Big Bang, B1A4, Infiniti, B.A.P, Seventeen, VIXX, BTOB, BEAST, 2pm, GOT7, U-kiss and etc My love for kpop has grown over the years and I keep loving it over and over again.
A little about myself...... I'm 23 years old about to be 24 in November. I work full time at my job. I'm going into cosmetology school hopefully soon. And I'm an aunt to three wonderful kids. One niece and two nephews. I hope we all can be friends and if you guys want to know more about me. Just ask I don't mind answering questions from you guys
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