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{WW} Sister Edition

This week's theme is sisters. There are so many to choose from, so I chose to the first 4 that came to mind. Aaand we're off...
Akame & Kurome - Akame ga Kill Deadly beautiful sisters that find them selves pitted against each other. Both have a tragic back story, personally I preferred Kurome even though she was the younger sister.
Ako & Rico - KissxSis Kawaii twin sisters that have a thing for their younger step brother. Ako is my favorite of the two.
Ram & Rem - Re:Zero These two demon sisters are ridiculously cute and I won't even try to pick a favorite.
Chitose & Chizuru - Yuru Yuri The pervy-est sisters on the list. I love when they go into "perv mode" and their fantasies run wild. Chitose reminds me of a female Muttsurini. It funny that you can tell the sisters apart by Chitose's nosebleeds & Chizuru's drooling
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