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Hiiiii! My name is Addriana, but please call me Addri ^-^ I saw this from @kpopandkimchi and wanted to make a card!
How I got into kpop.... When my sister was in college she had a Korean roommate and that Korean roommate introduced her into Kdramas. My sister told me to watch Boys Over Flowers so I did... It was different but I loved it! I looked up the music from the it and that ultimately was my gateway into Kpop.
My top two bias groups are BTS and Got7...... I seriously cannot pick a bias! I REALLY CAN'T!  I love them all equally and it's really hard to choose. Why choose one when you can love all of them! Sistar is my favorite girl group! And 효린 is my bae!!! She is amazing! I have a wide range of Korean music anything from Korean Rock to Korean indie to Korean Trot songs... I listen to it also if you have any recommendations let me know!
Some interesting stuff about me... Since January, Im proud to say i have lost 45lbs!! I made a decision to take care of my body and eat right and workout and it was a great change of my Lifestyle! It also helps that I listen to K-pop when I work out! I'm 23 I'm majoring in linguistics and minoring in Korean. I would love to be an English teacher in South Korea, Thailand, or the Philippines. Hmmmm I'm Native American and I guess I'm tall I'm 5'10...sooo yeaaah NICE TO MEET YOU!
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that first picture though hahahahhahahhahahhahha