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Q. Hello, would you like to give us a brief introduction about yourselves?
(Jerry) Hi, my name is Jerry Connor and I am the guitarist and primary writer and founder of Monkeysoop,
(Erica) Hi, I'm Erica Missey I am the Drummer and primary singer and co founder of Monkeysoop. We like to explore further into the depths of music, example - we have a song in 15/16 time siguture.
Q. Is there anyone or anything influenced your music?
When we started we were a all instrumental band, we started working with Bill Manspeaker of Green Jelly and he has had a huge influence on our music and stage show. And I'm inspired by anything that makes a sound, if I hear something that is interesting for instance a dentist drilling inside of your head I try to mimic it on guitar.
Q.Is there anything that makes your performance difficult?
Soundmen, if the sound on stage is not good then it's very hard to do a good performance, if you can't hear all the instruments or everything sounds like mush.
Q. How do you write music?
The way I write instrumental experimental songs I'll have a idea in my head then I will transfer it to guitar then start building around the idea. The way we write the vocal mock rock songs we are usually in the practice studio and one of the bandmates will start coming up with a riff, either on drums, bass. Guitar, etc. Then we start building on top of that, by trying to make it a funny, silly. Memorable experience.
Q. How do you spend your time when you are not working on your music?
(Jerry) I am a balloon twister, also build custom guitars, you can see my work at www.facebook.com/hellgrimmcustomguitars.
(Erica) I am a caraturist and artist by trade.
Q. Who do you consider your rival?
I really haven't heard anyone that sounds like us so I don't consider anyone to be a rival.
Q. Can you give us a brief comment for the fans?
Thank you, we are nothing without you. You all are incredible. Thank you so much. And those of you who haven't heard our music yet please go to www.monkeysoop.com And I want the music to be remembered along with the bands name, when people talk about Monkeysoop I want you to talk about the music not the musicians or their policital or religous views, just the music. That's what i admire about classical music...It's all about the music.