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A/N: Alright guys here it is an update on my oneshots and this time its Min Yoongi <3 Up next is probably Jin.
Summary: You fell deeper everyday but was it the same for him?
I have always loved him. His smile. His laugh. They way he held me in his arms in cold nights. I fell more and more in love with him as the days passed by. The days turned to weeks. Weeks to months. And months to years. I was happy I was content. But the one thing I had never put into the equation was whether he felt happy. Whether he was content. Or if he fell more and more inlove with me everyday. But in the end it was just me. I was the only one who fell deeper. As I fell deeper every day he was falling out of love everyday.
"Let's just end this Y/N..." I looked at Yoongi's figure in the dark. I felt the pain in my heart grow. I just clenched my fist. I knew this was bound to happen since I saw him looking at another girl with such adoration. Almost like the way he once looked at me. Almost because this time he looked determined to stay in her life."Please Yoongi...let's fix this...I can do better..." He scoffed," Can't you see that it didn't get better...at least not for me, but when I am with her I feel alive I feel like I can live again. She doesn't cling on to me until I suffocate." I looked up at him tears falling out slowly as I wiped them off my face,"She makes you happy?" He nodded,"More than happy she makes me fall for her everyday...her smile...her laugh...Y/N she's all that I want...and I can't be with her until I end things with you." I bit my lip so hard I thought they were going to start bleeding,"Alright, Min Yoongi...I won't be here anymore even if you change your mind." He sighed,"I won't change my mind..." He then stood up and opened the door and stepped out,"I love you...forever and always..." I whispered to myself as I curled up in a ball and began to cry. It hurt but what was left to do. I wanted him happy even if that meant losing him. I loved him so much it scared him away. I laughed to myself. "It's okay Y/N it'll get better I promise." I cried as I lied to myself.

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