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I think I wrote something similar to this before, but here's an update!

G Dragon - Nililia

The opening of this song is actually based off of a traditional Korean folk song!

Topp Dogg - Arario

Self explanatory! This is filled with traditional Korean references from the MV, the lyrics, and even just the music!

Infinite - The Chaser

The opening of Infinite's song The Chaser, as well as much of the back track is actually using traditional Korean instruments!

Hyuna - Red

In the chorus, Hyuna says:

원숭이 엉덩이는 빨개

(A monkey’s butt is red)

What the heck does that mean!?

Well, in Korea, there is a popular children's song from the 1930s where they sing about one thing and connects it to another that is related to it.
"A monkey's butt is red. If it is red, then it is an apple. An apple is tasty. If it is tasty, then it is a banana. A banana is long. If it is long, then it is an train. A train is fast. If it is fast, then it is an airplane. An airplane is high. If it is high, then it is Baekdusan (the famous Korean mountain.)" (a video of a kid singing it is above~)
Like Hyuna says in interviews, she wants to be related to the word Red, so the chant is referenced in the song Red.
"A monkey's butt is red. If it is red, then it is HyunA..."

Added bonus: my favorite Korean folk song^^

T - O double P, D - O double G and HyunA YUS!
These are sick songs 🙌🏼🙌🏼 what makes them cooler is how they have a traditional style on them
I love topp dogg's song!
Thank you for tagging me, I love the song Chaser by Infinate, this was my first time hearing it, so thank you very much
That song won a triple crown award and was like THE SONG back in it's day. Its such a great song!
Yeah! Infinite!
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