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Who:Reader x Do Kyungsoo What: College AU/ Fluff (I can't promise no smut but I doubt it will show up in this story) Chapter 1 Story: You are a famous novelist that has just released your newest book. At a signing you meet your number one fan Do Kyungsoo. His sweet face and big eyes capture your attention and he becomes the object of your next story 'Through paper-glass windows'.
Y/N's POV You ran out of your penthouse and fiddled with your keys to lock the door behind you. "Y/N come on!" your editor called for you. "I'm coming I just need to lock the door." you said. You were running behind, you woke up late and hadn't had any coffee. You hadn't even brushed your hair, all you could do was hope that the car ride to the Plaza wasn't too bumpy so you could slip some light make up on. You hair was in a messy ponytail, no not a messy bun, a messy ponytail. Parts of it were sticking out in crazy ways, your hair tie was slipping halfway down your hair. Your light blue cardigan was slipping off your shoulder all you had under that was a tan spaghetti strap tank and you were wearing black leggings. Your editor had grabbed your little heels and said that they had brought emergency clothes for you, all you had to do was get to the Plaza. With the door finally locked, you ran down the hall and into the elevator with your editor. She handed you a brush once you got in the elevator and you pulled out your hair tie to brush your hair. Your editor, Kim Soo-young was on the phone, the driver had called her to tell her he was out front waiting for them. You were brushing your hair until all the fly aways were down. You handed the brush back to her once the elevator doors opened. She called you to come get your bag that you left in the elevator. You ran back nearly getting caught in it again but she stopped the doors for you. You had too many days like this and honestly if you would just go to sleep at a proper time it wouldn't be like this. However, night was when you worked best. You had a study in the penthouse and a little lamp on the desk that you wrote at. You spent hours upon hours structuring your characters on separate pieces of papers, coming up with ideas of who was going to experience what, how many chapters you wanted, if you wanted it to be a saga, you outlined characters and wrote out mock situations for each character so you could make sure their reactions were as you described. You'd pin these notes onto a large board and then you'd never look at it again. From then on you wrote free hand instead of typing up your work just to get extra parts that didn't belong to the story out of your head. Once all of that was done you went to writing the actual story. Everything you had worked on and outlined and planned out was mostly forgotten and you just started writing from the heart. Honestly you had no idea why you ran through that entire process but it kept you busy and focused. It may have been just that when your brain was cluttered with too many ideas you had to get them all out at once. Once the clutter was out you could start to write, it actually wasn't that much of a metaphor for your thought process. You couldn't write until everything was clean in the penthouse. You had a baby niece that liked to come over every once in a while with your brother Chanyeol and she made messes. So even though you lived alone, when they dropped by, you had to clean. Chanyeol would stay over watching her while his girlfriend was at work. He preferred having her over at your place and you didn't have a problem with it as long as he didn't expect you to take care of her. Not that you wouldn't have if he left you alone with the child but if he was staying too then he can handle the responsibility of being a father. A few of your characters in your past books were based off of your brother and a few times you came off too harsh in criticism when you had a character lash out at the character based off of him. Sometimes the way you described him in your books was too harsh as well. You didn't agree with everything he did but you weren't the type of person to confront people directly. Your way of lashing out on people was writing it in your stories. When you wrote from the heart and what you really felt towards people, your books became popular and very well liked. You got awards all the time, and so many critics had said your work was insightful. You worked with symbols and you used perfect metaphors but what people loved the most was how you wrote your characters so realistically. The way they reacted to certain situations made them more real and it seemed as if the characters could be real. Little did people know, those characters were real. The traits of people you had met over the years, the Hero's you made, were of real people you admired. Every decision they made was something you could see the person actually doing in real life. Every enemy or insignificant person you killed off or humiliated was revenge for the humiliation and torment that you had dealt with in highschool. Your old bullies were constantly finding new deaths, torture scenes, or humiliating circumstances in your books. What you couldn't and wouldn't do in real life became reality in your books. The best thing about writing was coming up with a world where you made the rules and everyone's fate lied in your hands. This is what made you the best. This is what made you popular. You and Soo-Young had made it to the car and we're only a few minutes away from getting to the plaza. She hadn't gotten off the phone since she got into the car. You were carefully putting your make up on, your cardigan was now wrapped around you and tied tight so it wouldn't fall down. You simply left your hair out because you knew once you got there they were going to curl it. "Boys like girls with curls in their hair, it's all the rage now." Soo-young had reminded you more than once. You weren't bothered by curls but you just didn't see the point in it. You were a writer not a movie star. Sure your books brought in a lot of money for them and they capitalized on that by having photo shoots and 'meet the author' sessions. Though you didn't have a target audience as far as sex went, you seemed to attract more of the male populace than the female. Which was why they were working so hard to get your image our there. "You're a beautiful young girl, boys will see your face and just buy your book so they can stare at the picture in the back." Another editor, Namjoon, had said that to you. He was a sweet heart and you were sure he meant that in a good way but you really hoped people weren't just buying your books to see you look pretty. You wanted them to actually read what you were writing. It just seemed like your company was coming up with more and more ways to make you look sexy and appealing to men than focusing on making the books look more attractive and appealing for all readers. Your book signing today was for your newest book 'Lost in the willow trees'. The book was being talked with movie directors to turn it into a movie. You nor anyone at the company had signed off on it yet but a lot of fans responded that they'd love to see it as a movie. You finally pulled up to the plaza and Soo-young had you slip on sunglasses. A line had already formed and it was reaching out beyond the doors of the building. You were escorted in by a security guard. You politely waved to fans outside of the building and inside as both security and Soo-young rushed you into the back to get changed into something more decent. Kyungsoo's POV Kyungsoo tapped lightly on his desk listening to the lecture from his teacher. He was ready to leave and he was sure the line was incredibly long by now. He'd wait though, he wanted so bad to meet her in person. He had ten of her collections and he bought three copies of her 'Lost in the willow trees' book. The first copy was the book released to the public, the second copy was of her second edition book that came with the characters side stories she had written before the book and then there was a copy of the original manuscript. His library at home was filled with books already but he had a separate section just for her. Kyungsoo was a passionate avid reader, he started reading at a young age. He could imagine the worlds described in the books he read by the detail the authors wrote and it took him to a whole new level. Y/N had done the same thing to him but on a much higher level. When the first book he'd ever read from her sent him into tears, he needed to read more. Her books left him coming back and asking for more. Her sagas for certain books would be released and he'd buy them the day of the release. If he hadn't done that he'd go to the shop owner of his favorite bookstore and tell him to hold the book for him when it came out. As soon as he came from Uni he'd stop by and buy the book. He could read her books in a day and sometimes it got split up because he had school work but he read quickly and he felt everything she wrote. He was impatient today, he was willing to wait in a long line to meet her. He just wanted them to go by faster. He wanted to meet her in person and get her to autograph the book he had. He'd brought five books with him because he couldn't decide which one he wanted signed but he decided 'Lost in the willow trees' was enough. After all, that was the book that she was celebrating. He just wanted her signature on all of them because he had missed all her other signings for the books in his back pack. He felt half embarrassed for liking her so much when he was two years her age. She had reached such success in her life and he was still just a college kid trying to find out what he was doing with his own. That didn't shy him away from being her biggest fan. He seemed to be the only one out of her many male fans that noticed she wasn't too comfortable with her photo shoots. He could see it during the interviews she had, they would show a quick video of her at her photo shoot and it was in her eyes. It was almost like she was trying to figure out why they were even doing it. She was a novelist not a model although, he thought she was really beautiful. He just didn't understand why her company was trying to play up her sex appeal so bad. She did have a lot of male fans but she also had females. More females came in to see her in person and get her autograph, more males came in just to get an up close glance at the woman they were crushing on. Kyungsoo figured out that one of the girls in her story was based off of her. It described how she felt being used as a tool for sex appeal when she really just wanted to do something else. Kyungsoo saw it as something obvious but no one else seemed to make that connection. Finally, class was over and he hurried out of the classroom and down the hall. A few girls trying to call for his attention but he only gave them a sweet smile and waved. He fixed his glasses and walked fast down the side walk. Jongin had ran down the campus side walk to catch up with him. "Soo! Were you just going to leave me behind?" Jongin said. "Well the longer I wait the longer the line gets." he said. "Okay okay but what are you even going to say to this lady anyway? She's been your hero for like three years." Jongin said. "I don't know what I'll say but at the very least I'll get to meet her." "Hey will you ask her out?" "I'm a college student with a simple job and no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, no I'm not going to ask her out." Kyungsoo said. Jongin laughed, "Fine then I'll ask her out." "You better not." Kyungsoo flashed his best friend the infamous satansoo eyes. Jongin only laughed and apologized, "I was only joking but in all seriousness you should really pursue her before someone else does." "How am I supposed to do that, she's basically a celebrity? If she starts seeing someone it'll be because they equal her status. Maybe she'll hook up with a handsome movie star." Kyungsoo said. Jongin chuckled, "Kyungsoo you're so cute no girl can resist you." he said. Kyungsoo just shook his head with a chuckle. Jongin swung his arm around Kyungsoo's neck and walked along side him. They arrived at the Plaza and just like Kyungsoo thought, the line was long. It must've gotten longer from this morning. He was determined though, he was going to see her.... Y/N's POV You had been signing books for hours and it didn't seem like you made a dent. The more you sent off the more that showed up. It was the afternoon now and you were sitting in a black pencil skirt with a black suit jacket to match. You had a ruffled red satin blouse on under it and the heels that Soo-young had brought you. They had curled your hair and your make up was acceptable to them, they only told you to put on some lipstick. You had a bright-ish red color on lips and you noticed how some of the guys stared at you in awe from the back of the line. The females were too but when they came up they complimented your looks and then talked to you about your books. Guys were mainly complimenting your looks. You weren't sure if any of them actually read the book. There were ones much younger than you and they seemed to have read it then there was the ones that were significantly older than you that had read it. It was the ones around your age you weren't sure about. You watched as one boy came up to you from the line. His buddy stayed back and waited for him next to the line. He sat his book bag down and gave you a quick bow. You smiled, "Hi how are you?" you asked sweetly. "A bit nervous I'm afraid." he said scratching the side of his head. He was good looking, so was his friend but it was his eyes behind his glasses that stood out to you. That sweater he wore made him look like a sweet hearted geek. He bent down into his book bag and brought out your book and gently placed it in front of you. "I'm a huge fan of yours." he said lowly. "Really, that's flattering thank you." you said nicely. "I enjoyed this book a lot. It reminds me of your older book, Rosewater. There are actually a few symbols from that book that you used in this one." he said. You sat back and looked at him in awe. "No one's ever made that connection. You're the first to notice that." you said with a smile. The formulated sweetness became more genuine when he said that. He actually read your books. He was really the only one that looked around your age range that really showed he actually read your work. You leaned forward, "What's your name?" "Do Kyungsoo." he said. You observed his features, you liked the way he looked. He was so adorable, he had big lips and his big eyes were captivating. He was someone you could use as a model. You were working on another book called 'Through paper-glass windows' you wanted to use him as inspiration for you main character or even a love interest for the main character. You smiled at him when he seemed to look a bit unsure of what was going on. Soo-young moved over to whisper for you to move it along. You told her you just needed a few more minutes with him. He had this deep gaze to him that made him seem mysterious and frankly a little scary. You liked that about him though, "Kyungsoo how old are you?" "I'm 23." he said. "Ah, that makes you my Oppa." you said slightly flirtatious. The instant blush that came over his face made you laugh. You took his book and signed it quite quickly. You didn't give it back just yet though, "Kyungsoo I'd very much like to have a cup of coffee with you today. Are you doing anything later?" you asked. His eyes got bigger which made you smile bigger. You giggled and Kyungsoo stammered a little to say he didn't, "Do you mind if I have you number? I can call you to tell you when I'm available today. Your interesting to me." you said. "O-okay." he said. "Way to go buddy!" his friend said from the side lines. You laughed at him. He wrote down his number and you wrote down yours in his book. "Is that all you wanted me to sign?" you asked. He seemed to brighten up when you asked that. "Um, I have four other books in my bag. I thought I could only get one signed." "I'll sign the others." you said quickly. "Y/N we have others in the line we need to move it along." Soo-young whispered. "It's okay, I should spare a little extra time for my number one fan." you said. Kyungsoo shyly placed the four other books on top of the table and you looked at them with a soft smile. "Singing Bapsae, this was the first book I've ever wrote." you said slightly reminiscing. "It's the one with your notes on the side." he said. You smiled bigger, he really was a fan. That made your day, there was actually someone out there that had your books and read them. He made the connections from your older books to your newest ones. No one ever seemed to notice it. You liked him. You signed all his copies and gave them back to him. He bowed silently looking nervous but pleased at the same time. The smile that formed on his cute big lips and the way his eyes lit up made you like him more. "Don't forget to look out for my call Oppa." You emphasized the Oppa part using a cute voice and he seemed to get more flustered. It left you chuckling. Everything after that was uneventful but you couldn't get his face out of your head. Do Kyungsoo huh? He was cute....
I will come back to this once I've finished Contract I just needed to get it started. The title has been stuck in my head for like three days and it's distracting me. So I'll be working on Rappers intent and Through paper-glass windows at the same time. Anyway as you all know if you want to be added to the tag list let me know and if you want to be off tell me that too. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. ~BabydollBre Taglist: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @yaya12 @Starbell808 @kisashimizu16 @Mrsax2018 @dchapple45 @matty0203 @loljan17 @priscy513 @Izzy987 @Elizabeth1234 @reyestiny93 @Kimnam94 @Lopleaf19 @Tamaki1618 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco @Melissagarza @makidabebe @orihemay @Queenlele @KpopQueenabee @sierrakuper @PrettieeEmm @ScarletMermaid @senia @JordanShuler @hobisactualgf @AlexisRiver @StefaniTre @selfishmachines @AdeleLynn @JeniseRamos @SidnyHernandez @MomoCamie @KristinaCaron @DasiaB @peachchild @pharmgirlerin
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