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Song Joong Ki's Fan Meeting Brief Summary Song Joong Ki received lots of gifts and letters from his fans and that's showed how much he was loved by his many fans around the world. Song Joong Ki said he doesn't know how to use Twitter (so innocent), fans shouted "Cafe, Cyworld". Song Joong Ki received video message from his friend saying goodbye's and take care for his enlistment in the army : JYJ, Kim Joong Kook, Yoo Ah in, Cha Tae Hyun, Lee Kwang Soo and his Running Man Family. Joong Ki cried so much when watching the video message Ji Sung and Im Joo Hwan also give a speech for him. Jo In sung come back the stage with a big cake and Joong Ki is very touched that he starts crying. The MC asked how close they are. Instead of an answer, In Sung hugs Joong Ki. And In sung made his day (his brother)! He's truly so lucky with all of his friend, brother and family! Fan made video by his international fans was aired and after that he read his message to all of his fans. A letter that puts everyone into tears. After the letter he sang a song for all of his fans. After the his song nearly 1000 fans line up in a row to meet and shake hands with Joong Ki. Truly our Song Joong Ki is an amazing person with a big heart credit 2 song joong ki lover @ Facebook
@NorskyDesierto i agree it will just be a good life experience :-)@anushaillukk dont worry our oppa r more strong and brave then u knw they will just be fine :-)its just another life challenge for them everyone lets cheer for them support them and pray for their healthy and saFe and fast return love them all fighting oppas :-)♥♥♥♥ do well and come back healthy and safe love u ♥
@saharjalpari9 you're right, let's just cheet them up to come back healthy and more mature:)
oppas are so sweet wonder if they can take these hardships in army :'(
@anushaillukk sorry hun dis time u have 2 accept the reality unfortunately they all have 2 go its a sad truth we can't run from it :'( but don't worry lets pray that they all come back healthy love them all ♥♥♥♥♥
please spare khj and lmh, jae joong and yoo chung. please please :"(
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