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Since everyone is doing this. I'll do it to soo here it goes....
Hi. My name is Katherine, but everyone calls me Katie. (i honestly feel like im in an interview for something)
How i got into Kpop: ||WARNING THIS IS A LONG STORY SKIP TO THE 3RD PARAGRAPH|| It kinda weird (to me) but when i was in 5th grade, i was on a field trip to a museum in Chinatown, Seattle to learn about Ancient China. The teachers told the volunteers (the adults) to split up and explore the town, so we walked off and we realized that my teacher didn't give us the map. my volunteer's phone was dead cause she used it up while we were in the bus for 2 hours so we had to walk to a shop and use their phone to contact my friend's mom (my teacher). When we walked in, Kpop was all over the place, posters and merch of Korean dramas/groups, action figures, anime i think and food. In the shop, Call Me Baby was playing in the shop. I was shocked. The shop owner is Chinese and my volunteer was trying to communicate with her but she couldn't understand. my classmates told me to stand next to my volunteer. They were like "Go on" . I told them that Im not Chinese, Im Thai. Then another girl came out of the back of the room, she looks like she was 3 years older than me. It figures that the girl can speak Chinese and Thai, but not so
English. I started to ask her about the music that was playing in the store in Thai, lucky i understood her, then we kept on talking about EXO and Kpop but then i forgot that we were still lost. So then i ask her if we can use her phone and she said yes. One of my classmates is my teachers daughter, so she knows her number. we called her and she answered. while she was talking on the phone with my teacher, the girl took me to a room full of EXO merch, albums, posters and light sticks. She showed me the 'Overdose' album that EXO-K signed. She told me how there used to be 12 (ot12 ) members in EXO total and Baekhyun was her bias. I thanked her and she handed me a map of Chinatown. I said goodbye and left. My classmates were shocked. Anyway thats how i got into Kpop.
Ultimate Bias: My ultimate bias is Jeon Jungkook. Who couldn't stand this handsome, talent, glowing, great soul motherfcker?
Anything else? (i took this picture yesterday) Well, Im 13 and i get a blood nose every time the weather is hot. Im the only person that likes Kpop in my middle school. Everyone these days likes MCR, BVB, 5SOS, Justin Bieber, Green Day and many more idk about. I have no friends, its true. I often get bullied because so many reasons i don't remember, I've dealt with
before. I'm not that social type of girl. Im just a shy, anti
13 year old girl. It's hard to find someone that has the same interests. it's kinda rare to see
as me around.
keep at it girl K-pop will sometime rule the world
@xXJUNGKOOKIEXx dang i thought mcr was over and done (im secretly glad people still love them) but yeah i was the only kpopper at my school too lol i wish vingle existed when i was in middle school >.>
also hi!!!!!
wait people still like MCR!? They were my first fandom EVER hahahahhaha
yeah lol and hi 😊 @kpopandkimchi