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AWWWW MY SONG OPPA LETTER IS SOO TOUCHING HE IS SOO CUTE I WILL REALLY MISSZ U OPPA. OPPA i completely fall in love w u when i saw you in nice and now iam watching u in sungkyunkwan scandal, u r soooo amazing soo awesome soooo handsome love u shook much oppa <3 <3 <3 i pray the ur military time passes soooo fast and u come back fast we will really miss you oppa <3 sarnghhae oppa <3 <3 <3 :-* CREDIT 2 SONG JOONG KI LOVER @ FACEBOOK
take care always..GOD BLESS YOU always..
Pls take care oppa love you alwys and will wait for you :(
Take care joong ki
Good luck joong ki you can do it, fighting..
aawww..that is sweet! N u can say much though every word seems to be carefully picked. Still, good luck Joong Ki stay healthy, wise and true.