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have fans gone far enough????? Today Jackson was involved in a car accident due to a fan!

my initial reaction was sadness... but then as i read the article i could not help to get soo angry!!!!
Honest to God i hope they don't let fans know who the person was because she or he will definitely get it from fans... including myself! like i want to be mature but also
most importantly i hope our baby Jackson is doing well. he was taken to the hospital right after and that is all we know for now.
this is not the first incident where a member of Got7 or any other kpop group gets hurt because of a uncaring fan! not too long ago Youngjae was asking for more privacy futhermore the fan themselves get hurt as well, so it's a danger to everyone!
honestly I'm filled with anger, I've been ghost for a while but things like this make me come back lol i mean guys. .. seriously i just can't believe people would put themselves and others in danger like this???!! Also Jackson is my bias, ultimatr bias, he is everything to me in the kpop world and it actually hurts to know this happens to him and that we don't know how he is at the moment.
This is why fans can't have anything nice! !!!! uhhhhhhhh!!!

saddest pictures I had to see today! update: fan hit the car from behind not on purpose. Jackson was sleeping in the car so he got woken with the hit and hurt his back and leg. Jackson went to hispital and since it's recent they don't know the internal results. Jackson was limping afterwards wich signals injury.

Heartbroken and

mad as hell!!!

Prayers for our baby Jackson, might he feel better soon .
I pray he has a full recovery and there is nothing serious. 馃檱 I wish fans would be more mature when idols are around. 馃槪
I hate when fans do this! I understand being excited and wanting to be near them bit when you cause an accident that not only hurt them but can hurt yourself as well is not okay on any level!!! 馃槨馃槫
Get well soon baby Jackson...
I hope him and his driver are ok. There's a driver too guys.
the driver was ok. Jackson felt the most since he was sleeping in the back.
So that was real? Huh. I had thought it was a stage accident, since he is acting for a film.
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@Miichi Thank you for posting this card! And pray that he will be okay
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