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Get ready to gawk at the A-list men whose healthy habits—and washboard abs—scored them a spot on our fittest list #10 - #1 10: Mark Wahlberg He's been on more covers of Men's Health than any other actor—for obvious reasons that can't easily be covered by a t-shirt. The actor recently bulked up even more for his bodybuilder role in Pain & Gain, and it's safe to say he held his own against co-star The Rock. 9: Jamie Foxx Jamie recently told Men's Health that he had to pack on pounds of muscle for his role in Django Unchained. And even though he's primarily donning a suit while playing the president in this summer's White House Down, we have a feeling he's still fit as ever. 8: Hugh Jackman Is there anything Hugh can't do? From singing on Broadway and the big screen to playing Wolverine for over a decade, this super-muscular star can do no wrong. 7: Kellen Lutz If you're worried that Kellen might lose any of those muscles in the near future, don't be—the actor has signed on to play both Tarzan and Hercules in two upcoming movies. And you know what that means: plenty of shirtless time on screen. Thank you, Hollywood. 6: Henry Cavill Spoiler: Superman has a crazy-hot body under that suit. The actor recently told Men's Health that he was overweight as a child, but he pushed himself to get in shape—winning him ab-baring roles on The Tudors and Immortals before landing his latest superhero gig. 5: Ryan Lochte Take note: this is what gold-medal abs look like. The Olympic gold medalist and star of his own reality show What Would Ryan Lochte Do? has obviously put in the work for his body. And as if you didn't already have a crush on him, he told Women's Health that he sleeps "mostly naked." 4: David Beckham David may be retiring from soccer, but his body will always have all-star status as far as we're concerned. He told Women's Health that playing sports with his kids helps to keep him fit. Awwww. 3: Channing Tatum Channing's amazing body had a starring role in Magic Mike (along with his hilarious one-liners and impressive stripping skills). But that super-fit physique also helped him score action-packed gigs—like G.I. Joe: Retaliation and this summer's White House Down. One more role we can't wait to see him in: fatherhood. The actor recently welcomed a daughter with wife Jenna Dewan. 2: Chris Hemsworth Chris showed off superhuman strength—not to mention out-of-this-world arms—in Thor. He told Women's Health that he prepared for the role by adding weight lifting to his usual routine of muay Thai boxing, surfing and running. Looks like all that hard work paid off—he'll be starring in the sequel, Thor: The Dark World, out later this year. 1: Joe Manganiello Joe's body may not be the only reason viewers tune in to True Blood, but it's bound to be in the top five. And HBO producers aren't the only ones asking him to strip down—the actor has gone shirtless in everything from Magic Mike and How I Met Your Mother to the MTV Movie Awards. His new workout book Evolution hits shelves in December, so we're hoping that the shirtless invitations just keep rolling in.
oohh.. I'm sorry.. i was too focused on the photos.. lol
Chris Hemsworth oh my!, I'd chase that bike anytime!
Chris Hemsworth is a beast.
i love the fact how all of them are pretty oldddddd!! love that they care such good care of themselvesss
@shoenami he's #10
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