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(Remember, this review is based on my opinion)
(And there may or may not be spoilers! Read at your own risk!)
Oh man, this was... a pretty good anime at the start...
Nisekoi is one of those types of anime that initially didn't really catch my attention.
But once I ran out of stuff to watch (or while I wait for new episodes to anime to come out) I decided to give this a shot.
Nisekoi is about Raku Ichijou, a first-year student at Bonyari High School, is the sole heir to an intimidating yakuza family. Ten years ago, Raku promised his childhood friend that they would get married when they reunite as teenagers. To seal the deal, the girl had given Raku a closed locket, the key to which she took with her when she left him. (Synopsis from myanimelist.net)
Nisekoi at the start is pretty good and somewhat tolerable, the voice actors are great and the characters are actually interesting. I was honestly wanting to know the story behind new characters as they were introduced. But I realized a few things about this particular anime, Raku... is a big pushover and does NOT know when or even HOW to say "No" And this makes the anime as it progresses pretty annoying and/or infuriating.
Don't get me wrong Raku isn't some wimp and can't hold his own but he is very much a push over. He just let's things happen to the point where it annoys even me as the viewer. He has good morals and ideals but his ignorance is just too much for me.
So at around Ep.18 of the anime I noticed something, nothing has really happened. New characters have come in but nothing's really changed at a significant pace.
Then I put two and two together. The whole show is a big build up to the endgame confession. So that would be when your the happiest as the viewer right? You get to see who Raku ends up with and the anime should come to close... Right? No...
I skipped to the end due to being infuriated by the pace of the anime itself (it's very slow) and I watched the last episode. Now I won't tell you who decided to confess their love to Raku but this is basically what happened. I'll come up with a name for this how about Nora?
*They are alone*
Nora: I've got something to tell you.
Raku: What's up? *Raku giving Nora his full attention*
Nora: ... I-It's nothing... Want to go eat some Ramen?
Raku: What?
Then later on Nora writes/draws down her confession to Raku and goes to bed.
Basically, that's the writers way of saying. "Go read the manga LOL" a 30 something episode build up just for a cliffhanger? REALLY!?
I asked a friend if that was really it and he said yes you have to read the manga to get the real end. WHY!?
Why even have the anime then!?
Granted this anime pissed me off royally with and ending like that but I did enjoy what I had watched before the ending... The show had a good concept and well developed characters and I enjoyed it until I noticed the slow pace of the show and Raku being a big pushover.
I gotta rate this... ugh... I rate it a.... 4/10 snowballs. It's not complete trash but I was honestly hoping for a complete story instead of a 30 something episode build up to a cliffhanger ending. It's alright but not... good. I'm not sure what to call this besides 2.5 or 4/10
I dunno, maybe I'll re-watch it entirely one day... I hope you enjoyed the review-ish...
@SymoneBelcher the story will take even longer if it follows the manga, you have no idea
I understand your frustration xD for some of your reasons were mine for not continuing the story. HOWEVER, I did think this harem anime was different /better because of the whole mystery behind, "who's key belongs to his locket?". Also, the humor wasn't half bad and there were some situations which would change your thought on who would be with Raku in the end. But yes, if Raku wasn't really a push-over, and the story would have moved along a bit faster, then I most likely would have enjoyed it better and continued the series. xD