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Is anyone catching Mnet's Hit the Stage? One of their latest performance featuring dance team K-Tigers mixes martial art with dance. The choreography is basically a product of traditional meets modern. So, tune in to this 4 minutes goodness.


Warm-Up: Black tracksuits team dancing to fusion Korean traditional instrumentals. Look out for the stanky leg transitioning to high kicks and finishing off with a double spin.
Street Dance: The edgy crew steps into stage doing black flips and body rolls to EDM. JYP's aerobic martial dance team *cough cough Got7* would definitely welcome them as their backup dancers. Cutesy Karate: A group of girls wearing Karate robe with shorts dancing to bubblegum pop and shocks the crowd with an epic split. BTS x Boys: Seriously, these little boys were killing it on stage. Dangerous .
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oh my gosh, that's amazing. that woke me up. lol.
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They're amazing I follow their YouTube :D
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Pretty cool!!
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