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Just joining? start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 10 Continue reading? Part 12 Alright and a second update when it's his bday here and in Korea the story shall pick up after this chapter...I hope you enjoyed this one.
After a little bit in the car we finally came to a stop. "Here we are." He pulled me out of the car. "Really?" I said spinning to face him. "Yea really." "This is going to be so fun.!" I turned back and started running towards the tower, but I stopped and turned to make sure to grab Kookie. He laughed. I intertwine our hands and we walk to the tower. We made our way to the top and I was blown away with how beautiful the view was. "Hey Sarah come here." Kookie said calling to him. I quickly skipped to him. "What's up?" "Want to hang one?" he asked holding up a lock with our names on it. "Really?" "Of course you are my girlfriend and I want to be with you for a long time." he smiled "Ok!" And then we walked around to find the perfect spot and when we did we locked our lock and threw the key away. There really werent that many people here tonight which was nice. I thought it was going to be very crowded. I leaned on the railing looking up at the sky. Kookie put his arms around me and he placed his head on my shoulder and started singing in my ear. I hadn't heard the song before but I felt happy.
'Just like a star across my sky Just like a bird flying at dawn I have a dream of the freedom Feel like I'll never be the same Just like a dream of last night Just like pictures in my head Oh I can't realize that Still I wonder why it is' He started rapping next. 'Just like a star, my grey life Yeah I'm who wasn't black or white The time was passing by Sometimes I committed myself this way Even though I've chances, I painted my courage in gray when I was young Without being able to stand up, Sitting like that going to the next one Again, Trembling from fear. How many regrets groaning Like those Morning Drama's It continues like a clear sequence A sensititve personality that builds a wall Only feeling out of place because of the surroundings I really have no Friends Uncertain grades and a uncertain departure The world alone and the Never-Ending amount of Nights Even if the dreams are a lot like the stars are. They're also as fas as them. My mood is like the crime A criminal child left, a detective Even if I've a rope to the sky it can't reach Even if I know who's the culprit I can never escape Just like a star across my sky Just like a bird flying at dawn I have a dream of the freedom Feel like I'll never be the same Just like a dream of last night Just like pictures in my head Oh I can't realize that Still I wonder why it is You, shine more in the night You, look farther than other people can Your life is white Oh… yeah yeah'
"What was that?" I asked turning to look at him. "I don’t know why but that song just came to my mind so I sang it for you." "I'm a bad girlfriend but is that one of your songs?" "Youre not a bad girlfriend, you just learned about us last month so it would have been a shock if you had heard of it." "Why?" "Because it wasn’t one that was on a album. Rap monster and I sang it. The rap part was what he sings." "Ah well I loved it." We stayed in the position for a little bit longer. I felt completely happy. I never thought that I could feel this way. I guess that's what love does to people. After awhile we made our way back down. We went to eat and then we went to the han river and we walked around listening to his music. "Jungkook." I said causing him to stop. "What's wrong? You never call me my full name." "Oh I just….." I looked down at my feet. "Sarah." He used his fingers to lift my head. "What's wrong?" I quickly hugged him. "I don't want to leave. I just want to stay here. You make me so happy, but it hurts knowing that im going to have to go back. It sucks." "It really does. I wish you would just stay, but you can't leave your mom all alone there can you?" he was hugging me back. "No, We only have each other. " "Why don’t you convince her to come here?" He asked "I don’t think she would move here, she doesn’t know the language and doesn’t want to learn it." "Well… then I'll make sure I visit you." he was rubbing my head. "Kookie… you know you can't do that, you and the guys are busy as heck." "Then I'll pay for you to come here. And you can't say no to that. I wont let you." he pulled back to look me in the eyes. "I can't take your money." "Well just imagine it is our money." "What!?" "I…. I didn't mean it like …." "Kookie aren't we too young to think about Marriage, And the fact that you are famous you have several more years before you can get married." "But what if I already know I want to marry you?" I took a step back. "No. You can't think like that. I can't think like that. This is my first relationship, we…. Its only been a month since we met…." "I'm sorry I freaked you out with that idea. Just forget it." He said smiling and taking my hand and leading me to the water. It wasn’t the fact that he wanted to get married. It wasn’t the idea of him wanting to marry me. What scared me was that he was going to end up like my father. Him and my mother got married very fast and my father wasn't really ready for everything that was thrown at him. He left when I was 5 and never came back. After that I was always there for my mom. I never wanted a relationship like their's … and that is the only reason I was scared. "Sarah.....Sarah!" I snapped out if my thoughts. "Yeah?" He quickly kissed my lips. "I'm sorry. Just forget I said that. I just want you to accept it if I send you a ticket." "Kookie...I'll work hard so you don't have to buy me tickets." I smiled at him. There was no way he coukd be like my father.....right? Kookie pulled me to sit down by the river and we just swung our feet and listened to his music. I was a bit more tired than I thought and I leaned my head against his shoulder. The next thing I knew I woke up in Kookie's bed. He was laying next to me. His hair falling in front of his eyes. I moved the few strands and he slipped his hand over my side and cuddled into me. Why was he so addictive. As I lay there staring at him, I just couldn't help but smile. I scooted closer to him and fell back asleep. Hopefully the next few weeks will go by slow. I want more time with him. A tear slipped out if my eye and I quickly wiped it away and tried to go back to sleep.
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The song killed me
I had heard it once but never found it again like long ago and then on soundcloud I found it and was dying of happiness so I added it into the story lol