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No, not ok! This is completely insane! Sasaengs have gone waaaaaay too far before, but this is beyond too far.
Some sasaengs were following Jackson in cars while he was on his way to the airport this morning, all because the sasaengs were driving dangerously. These are our Idols! Why do you want to hurt the people who provide us with so much joy!?
JYP hasn't released anything hinting at what Jackson's condition is, but some fan accounts have said it's a back injury, just that he's at the hospital and is being examined. Hopefully he isn't injured in any form, or many of us may have to fight our inner sasaengs when they try to appear.
What did we do to deserve him? Even after the accident, he went to the car behind him to make sure they were all ok. And Jackson even asked his assistant to call rides to see them off! Last we know, he was walking around and walked in the hospital, so things can't be to bad. Maybe a little adrenaline rush, but hopefully nothing else.
I've been with the Kpop fandom for a while now, and still haven't even been able to understand anything about sasaengs. I mean, Jackson is a precious angel that deserves so much more! I can't understand how these 'fans' can get close enough to cause any harm! Our Idols need to be protected at all costs, but how can they be, when these fans exist? Just, why???

Hoping for Jackson to be ok!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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I hpoe hes fine wtf is wrong with the "fans"
I really hope Jackson's okay & he gets better soon I hope it's nothing too serious that could affect his life in anyway...
This makes me want to fight "fans" how can you be so disgusting and do something like that just bc u want to see them. that's what youtube is for. that's what google images is for. i suggest the utilize it
its a hard thing to understand. Why go crazy over your idol and end up hurting him 馃槙
WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS THIS BS馃槧馃槧馃槧 and I thought ARMYs were bad this is a whole new level right here