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I hate it. I hate people who cheat. I hate how you end a relationship proceeding to the next leaving your ex-lover in tears. How do even have the conscience to flirt or have sex with another person while your partner is sweetly thinking of you before they sleep, praying to keep you safe, missing you every minute of the day. How could you take all that love for granted? And what really amazes me is that after you do the bad deed, a simple sorry is hard to give. After cheating on your lover, you accuse or you blame him/her for his/her imperfections... Noone is perfect. If you're not content, break it and find someone new. Don't two time, three time or how many times-time. Don't fool an innocent person who loves you so much, then break his/her heart, blame him/her for your unfaithfulness and leave him/her the guilt. If you think you deserve someone better than him/her, then just be honest to say you're not happy and you want to be free. Don't be unfair. Cheating makes a person different. It does something to the mind and it crushes the soul. Noone deserves pain when they're giving love.
people will always try to hurt you.....you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for....you'll get thru this...im not saying it will go away fast.....im not saying that tomorrow the sun will shine for you...what I am saying is you have been hurt deeply and its only rational for you to react this way....take your time to heal yourself...take all the time that you need...
πŸ˜’πŸ’” I have been cheated on three times
i hear u girl. it goes both ways now days