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Jackson injured in car accident
The agency stated the accident was caused by a sasaeng fan stalking the GOT7 members by driving dangerously and warns other fans of behaving in the same manner.
JYP stated:
"Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.
On the way to the airport this morning, GOT7's Jackon suffered a car accident caused by a fan following him in a car, and he's been injured. Jackson was taken to the hospital immediately after arriving at his destination, and we've taken action so he can receive an examination.
Stalking artist cars is a dangerous act that can cause serious accidents that not only affect the artist, but yourself and those around you. As it's dangerous for not only your safety but the safety of others, we sincerely ask fans once again to prevent this sort of situation that endangers the public.
Thank you."
smh sasaeng fans aren't fans (MY OPINION)
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this is horrible saesang fans are going over the line ig that its their idol they admire adore and love but that's not being a fan anymore in my opinion a fan is a person who supports their idol no matter what not stalking them till they almost get hurt or get injured this absolutely disgusts me that they consider themselves as fans
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I can't stand fans like this fans. They are going to ruin it for everyone else. Its hard enough to get close to idols , but now it will be harder. Idols don't want to deal with crazy fans.
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Oh no poor Jackson 😔😔
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Wow. I'd sue the fan for sure. They're too nice to let it go if they did.
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this is why they think fans are crazy
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