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The agency stated the accident was caused by a sasaeng fan stalking the GOT7 members by driving dangerously and warns other fans of behaving in the same manner.
JYP stated:
"Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.
On the way to the airport this morning, GOT7's Jackon suffered a car accident caused by a fan following him in a car, and he's been injured. Jackson was taken to the hospital immediately after arriving at his destination, and we've taken action so he can receive an examination.
Stalking artist cars is a dangerous act that can cause serious accidents that not only affect the artist, but yourself and those around you. As it's dangerous for not only your safety but the safety of others, we sincerely ask fans once again to prevent this sort of situation that endangers the public.
Thank you."
smh sasaeng fans aren't fans (MY OPINION)
IGOT7 TEAM & Community Supporters
sasaeng fans are getting more and more ridiculous as time goes by. First invade Key's privacy, to death threats, now car accidents. What's next, actually killing the idol. I mean seriously, don't sasaengs know that by doing what they do, our idols gain a horrible impression of the fans in general and can't be themselves in front of them without suspecting anything bad will happen. Don't they know that they are causing mistrust between the idols and the fans, and it's part of the reason why some groups disband or not do tours and fansigns. Shit if I were an idol and this happened, I wouldn't want to do a fansign either. I'm not going to put my safety or my members safety in danger because some fans don't know the difference between adoration and obsession. To sassaeng fans everywhere. STOP! JUST STOP! YOU HURTING YOUR PRECIOUS IDOLS ISNT DOING YOU ANY GOOD AT ALL. ALL ITS DOING IS BRINGING HATE AND DISLIKE TOWARDS YOU AND ALL OF THE GOOD FANS OUTTHERE. IN THE WORD OF GOT7: Haji Hajima! JEBAL HAJIMASAYO, JEBAL!! HONESTLY I DONT THINK YOU WILL LEARN UNTIL YOU CAUSE THE DEATH OF ONE OF YOUR IDOLS. STOP PUTTING YOURSELF AND THE IDOLS YOU LOVE IN DANGER.
and yet they call the international fans crazy where they follow them nonstop
Yeah, at least we don't get them into car accidents
I believe the same thing happened to Luhan. I don't remember but I think he yelled at the driver for driving so dangerously while stalking him with his fans.
seriously wtf
I hate how they call them FANs they are just saesangs period nothing more then that they should just stop what will they gain by doing this nothing it's not like their idol will love them or something I hate how these things keep happening I would want them to have more bodyguards around them or have an actual cop assigned to them or something but they barely get enough privacy as it is but I just hope they solve this problem some how or atleast do something so it whont be as dangerous as car accidents
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