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I'm Elena (AKA Elena166) and I was just tagged in @kpopandkimchi 's card saying we should do intro cards again. (I've never done one before, so let's see how this goes.)
My very first Kpop music video was this one right here. It didn't get me into Kpop, but I remember it because my aunt had just come back from living in Korea for a year and this is what she showed me (keep in mind, I was 11 at the time).
My first actual experience with Kpop happened when I saw the first Youtubers React to Kpop. I saw Shinee in the corner and I knew it was over for me. Surprisingly enough, I didn't fall into the rabbit hole, yet.
Then this happened.
I blame my dad. He's always been into foreign films and TV shows, one of them being Lee Minho's City Hunter, which my whole family loved. He decided to suggest this one to me personally, and that's when I fell down the rabbit hole.
Not long after I met a girl who loved Kpop and she introduced me to...
... these beautiful idiots. They stole the show and now I'm even more stuck then I was before. (not complaining)
My first Ultimate Bias was none other than EXO's adorable baozi Xiumin! First he's all cute and I just want to fold him up and put him in my pocket. Then the ABS COME OUT AND I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! But then something happened and my Ultimate Bias was knocked off his pedestal and a new face has taken his place. This name is...
His Royal Highness the Pink Princess Jin! I never thought he would be my type, but he stole my heart and has successfully kept it through the release of Suga's mixtape so I think he's staying.
That's about it. I'm really glad I found Kpop. I finally found my thing and it's been a wonderfully wild ride. I've found more groups and fallen in love again and again. I've made friends that I love deeply, and experienced a whole culture I would've dismissed. I'm really thankful to everyone in the Kpop community that has shown me kindness, such as the people I met at the EXO concert in New York and the squad that adopted me when I went to K-Con alone for the first time, and everyone on Vingle who have shown me new groups or fun pictures etc. I hope someday I can return the favor, but until then, know that I love you all!
that will be stuck in my head forever now, thanks a lot hahahahha
Jin and Sandeul are my daughter's 2 UBs...and then comes Xiumin.