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hehe my boys are cute :)))
well I got into kpop because some of my friends decided they wanted to do a dance cover to either Bonomana or Mr Simple by Super Junior. (idk why because none of us can dance) well I thought they were cool so I listened to those two songs NON-STOP. well about three years later I remembered these songs and decided to look then back up....thus my obsession was born.
my first ultimate bias is eunhyuk. he was my first so he'll always hold a special place in my heart. BUT the one who is currently tagging over my life and raising my standards for other men in PARK CHANYEOL! how can you not love him?!?!
some other stuff about name is aubrie, I was raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (no I don't like football) I'm 18 yrs old turning 19 on October 13th (shoutout to my homie Jimin!) I'm a music education major, and I would love to get to talk to my kpop friends more so feel free to message me if you wanna talk!!! if you're wondering, I love super junior, exo, BTS, big bang, vixx, shinee, ikon, got7 and bap :))
It's so nice to meet you!! As mod support for Vixx and Shinee, I want to extend a warm welcome. ♡
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it's no problem! Don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything ♡
Eunhyuk is just such a good guy, he might not be my bias but i genuinely respect and love him :)
he's so precious!!! if anything happened to my anchovy you bet I'd be on the next plain to Korea to beat somebody
Nice to meet you! I agree, how could you not love Chanyeol. YAY! Another Bama girl lol.
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Chanyeol is textbook definition of perfection....and where in alabama?
As SHINee mod I happily welcome you!!! You have great taste i must say =P
why thank you :))