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The Martian(2015):Matt Damon has given his best proving once again to the audience. The movie revolves around an astronaut who is left behind while an expedition on Mars. He lives there for a long time doing the impossible like growing vegetation and etc. Later he is rescued by his fellow mates but what the movie has emphasized on is the graphics,casting and the sound tracks. The director has cleverly tried to increase the curiosity of the viewers. It is 10th position on my list because of slit errors such as:neglected possibilities of survival in space and showing an happy ending. Stay tuned for No.9!
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I love science fiction movies, but I bet this.list doesn't favorites.
I don't see where there is a list! I just have mentioned one out of ten so stay tuned for more 9 and I hope that you find your favs in others Anyways thanks for your comments,I appreciate it!