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Hello and what's up guys it's the first day of September and it's time for .....


that's right, through the this entire month the G-Dragon Community is bringing back to back GD ~~

Today starts Week One ~~

and we've got a couple of questions for you ~~

Who Is G-Dragon To You?

What's The First GD Song You Heard?

What Would You Do If You Met GD?

Favorite G-Dragon Quote?

Favorite Youtube Video of GD?

Which G-Dragon Song Describes Your Life?

Sexiest Photo of GD? (Your Favorite)

Recent GD Gif~~

And that would complete Week One's Challenge~~ ***Notice: You have an entire week to answer all these questions in one card ~~

The following parts of this challenge will be posted as September continues ❤❤

Have lots of fun with guys I can't wait to see your answers ❤❤

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I love this challenge. I'll add it to my list of challenges I need to work on this week. 😂
i gotta learn how to do a card 😔