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Hey Vinglers! I made a new Anime Screenshot game and this time the anime is Assassination Classroom!!(It was the anime with the 2nd most votes xD) I did change it up a little I felt that since it is a game for both sexes why not change up the Best Friends part! So now your Bff can be a boy or girl from the anime!

This is another Screenshot Game that both Guys and Girls can enjoy! Once you finish post your results or comment below! (And dont forget to tag me xD)

Your Boyfriend! (For the Girls)

Your Girlfriend! (For the Boys)

Your Best Friend!

Your Weapon/Ability!

(If you get Professor Bitch.. it means you have the ability of seduction xD)

Your Teacher/Kill Target!

I hope you guys enjoy the game and dont forget to tag me in your results card!

Tagging! (If you would like to be removed let me know & If you would like to be added Ask as well!)

@BlackDragon88 Yes I can😊
Could you please add me to these?
I just started watching last night
Yes! Yes! Bloody yes!
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