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Yeah, I am not sure if I ever did one to begin with. But, since Kimchi did this sort of challenge... I am doing it!! (I guess I like my makes me smile, so I hope it makes you all smile)

1. How did I get into Kpop?

Well, you will probably see a lot of people like me but, I got into Kpop by way of Jpop! I am a huge fan of anime! Maybe less right now than a few years back, nonetheless I love it! So it was 2pm that kind of introduced me...I wasn't looking for this group but it was an ending they did for the anime Blue Exorcist! After that I found Girl's Generation and SHINee during the same time and I was so into all of their japanese songs.....years ago I hated Korean because it was difficult to read and pronounce (kind of funny now that its a big part of my life). Just like that....I decided to give Korean a chance......and I never looked back!

2. Who are your biases?

My current ultimate bias, is as I have stated, none other than Park Jimin of Bts!! Cute little button that he is....trapped me! But he wasn't the first one....for pretty much like two years before finding ultimate bias was SHINee's Jonghyun!! But yeah Jimin is my ultimate bias (with Taehyung really close to that position).

3. Anything else?

Well I have been a fan of Kpop for five years now....heh My name is Sam but you can call me by my profile name heh Uhhh....I just recently turned 20 this August! So third year of college and I am learning music production! Super shyyy......really hard for me to make friends (that also could be because my face looks angry all the time...) But don't worry I am the friendliest person you will meet! Mmm....anything else you would like to know, don't be afraid to send me a message or comment!!!
Also my taglist buddies are called Gummies! So its been a long time since I have updated my if you aren't added and want to be added just comment on this card or message me!!! Since now I am in school....I will have wifi and hopefully go back to making fun and exciting cards for you all!
suga in the first gif just killed me tho
Jhopes face in the gif went from smile to stank back to smile
Great intro card! ❀
@ARMYStarlight but it's the 95z! πŸ˜„
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