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Why does Gray lose the people he cares for the most?


Then Silver his Dad... (again)

And now My baby Juvia...

How much more will Gray Lose?!

Art & Gifs made by Chsabina❤

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@MissHitachiin @ZacharyStewart She didn't make one for Ultear O.o
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true, but she did sacrifice herself to save everyone.
a year ago
Wait...she actually dies?!?!?!
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TuT yes you heartless man you were teasing meh yesterday
a year ago
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No im dead..
a year ago
-dies with auntie liss
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In life Gray gets the crap end of the stick. In my opinion Gray, Juvia, and Erza has the saddest past maybe that's why their my favorite characters cause they been through some shit and I feel for them. WATCH Hiro coming for Lyon next. 😂
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TuT omg nuuu not Lyon too 😂😂😂 but I totally agree woth you on that and Kagura aldo has a sad back story losing her family at a young age
a year ago