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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 11 Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.
Y/N's POV Last night Junmyeon wasn't lying, he got you to say his name and it was loudly too. When you came out the door the next morning Yifan said, "Sounds like you two had fun last night." You started to hide your face but Junmyeon lifted it up and captured your lips in a deep kiss. He pulled away with a smile and said, "We sure did." That made you blush incredibly hard. You headed to China with everyone, leaving Junmyeon's mother behind. She either didn't want to go or she was taking care of business while Mr.Kim was gone. You actually didn't expect Mr.Kim to care so much that he'd do this. Yes, he loved his son and Jackson did try to have him killed but you didn't realize he'd care so much about you too. What Junmyeon said about having his parents and himself, people that actually cared about you, you never felt like this before. It made everything seem better. For the first time your viewfinder couldn't capture the world before you in an accurate enough way to convey how you felt. Not only were you in love but you were also loved deeply by others, you were being treated properly, you were being cared for and most importantly you were happy. That was something far beyond what you could have ever asked for. Being happy was so foreign to you but you welcomed it with open arms and didn't want it to leave. So what if life would have it's difficult moments and bring you down sometimes; you had Junmyeon and you had the baby growing inside you, you honestly didn't need much more to keep you happy. So when you walked into Mr.Wang's office facing your parents angry glares, Mrs. Wang's soft eyes, Mr.Wang's business manner and more importantly Jackson's deadly glare you were, for the most part, okay. Junmyeon was holding your hand and Yifan and Yixing were on either side of you and Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim stepped up further before you two when Mr.Wang addressed him. "Mr.Kim, I wasn't aware that you would be attending our meeting today." Mr.Wang said. "Some business needs to be taken care of quite quickly, after that you're free to finish your meeting without our presence." he said. "What manner of business, how your son got our daughter pregnant?" your father spit out. "Take in the fact that you sold me off to another man when I was a kid without even asking me before you try to criticize someone else father. We both slept together of our own choice. He never forced me to do anything." you said. Your eyes landed on Jackson, you could see the rage in his eyes and how he was trying to keep himself together. "It would seem your son took it upon himself to request some of his men to not only kill my son but to make Ms. Y/N watch. Afterwards they were to bring her to China, and I quote ' Beat her, torture her, hurt her, whatever you have to do to make sure that damn kid is gone.' I do not appreciate attempts on my sons life and I tolerate even less the actions he had planned for Ms. Y/N and her child." Mr. Kim said. Mr. Wang looked to Jackson confused and then back to Mr. Kim. Mrs.Wang's eyes closed shut. She was clearly in disbelief that Jackson would've gone that far although with everything that he already did to you it shouldn't have surprised her. You wondered if she felt bad now about asking you to go back to him. Honestly if you had would you be caring his baby at this point? The thought of it made you shudder. "Do you have proof of this?" Mr.Wang asked. Yifan handed him a tape recorder and when it played it played Jackson's message to you. You squeezed Junmyeon's hand remembering it like it happened just seconds ago and how scared you were that Junmyeon might die because of you. Junmyeon wrapped you in his arms and your face buried in his chest. The shuffle of papers came next and you realized that Yifan gave Mr.Wang the papers that had Jackson's text message sent to one of his men's phone. "Both of the men standing in this room Yifan and Yixing had to shoot one of the guards in order to protect Ms. Y/N. Yixing was able to disarm the other holding my son at gun point. These actions he's taken against my family are unacceptable. So I'm hear to issue a warning, your son and any men involved with him are not to come near my son, Ms. Y/N or their child again or I will be taking this up with the authorities. You'll have so many lawsuits coming after you won't know what to do with them." Mr.Kim said. "Y/N I greatly apologize for the actions my son has taken against you." Mr. Wang said. "As well as I, I truly hope you'll be happy from now on." Mrs. Wang said. "She was mine first." Jackson stated shaking his head. "Not by choice, she chose me so deal with it and leave her alone." Junmyeon said coldly towards Jackson. "Y/N you really love this idiot? Are you really that stupid?" Jackson said furious. His ability to keep up his facade was gone now. He couldn't hold in his anger. "You fucking ran away from me all you had to do was stay and listen to me." he said. "Jackson watch your mouth." both his mother and father said at the same time. "I ran because that was my only choice at the time. Jackson if you had any idea what it's like to love a person you wouldn't have done half the things you did to me. Junmyeon has never forced me to do anything I didn't want to do, he's never hit and pushed me around-" "You were mine I had every right to do those things when you didn't listen." Jackson said. You laughed humorlessly, "Shut the hell up and look at yourself. I'm supposed to fall in love with a maniac like you? You really believe you own me? You don't own me Jackson you never did, I am not your play thing or your sex slave that will do anything that you command just because you told me to. I am a human being. I feel sorry for you I honestly do because the way you are now you will never find someone to love you the way that I love him." you said. "Y/N, I tried to make you happy." Jackson said looking at the ground. You could've sworn you saw a glimmer in his eyes, the shinning of a tear, it wasn't confirmed until he looked back up at you. "You did it the wrong way. Forcing me to sleep with you doesn't make me happy, rough housing, and slapping me around doesn't make me happy. Buying expensive jewelry and taking me out to fancy restaurants doesn't make me happy it never has. You know what makes me happy? Being able to make my own decisions about my own future. Photography makes me happy I love taking pictures, amusement parks! I've only been once in my entire life but that makes me happy. The simplest things in the world I appreciate ten thousand times more than all of those things you did to me. I would trade every thing I have just to hear what he says to me everyday: 'I love you'. I've never had anyone say that to me and mean it, not from my parents and not from you. Accept the fact that I'm not yours Jackson. No matter what you do, I will never belong to you." You said. Jackson looked angry through the few tears he cried but you weren't sure if it was out of frustration or he was genuinely hurt. What you did know was that he understood. He knew you weren't coming back to him, he knew you were done with him, he knew it was all over. He walked past you all and left the room. Junmyeon pulled you back into his arms and held on to you. He kissed the top of your head and whispered, "I'm so proud of you baby girl." You felt a tingle shoot up through your body. It was finally over you could finally breathe without having to worry about Jackson coming for you right? "I will see to it that my son is punished for his actions. I am truly sorry for what he's done to you Ms.Y/N I was unaware of his actions. I will not let it happen again." Mr. Wang said. "Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Wang." You bowed your head to them. Your mother and father didn't pay attention to you, you weren't surprised. You cut yourself and they didn't bat an eyelash. Junmyeon pulled you out from the office with Yixing in front of you. His father followed behind you with Yifan a few moments afterwards. Junmyeon's hand was back around yours. "Listen maybe you should keep that engagement ring for a little while. We don't have to get married right now but that doesn't mean we won't someday right?" he said. "Right. One thing at a time though okay." you said with a smiled. "Right, we need to get you back home, you have classes and you need rest." he said kissing your head. "She's not getting any rest with you around." Yifan said. You both laughed, "All you have to do is tell me no baby girl and you know I'll stop." he said nudging his forehead into the side of your head. "You're being way too graphic especially with your father following us." you said. "Don't worry sweetie I'm not listening to a thing." Mr. Kim said. You laughed with Junmyeon. You guys spent the night at a hotel after you showed them some places in China that you liked going to. Junmyeon kept you close to him, his hand was either holding yours or his hand was on your waist. You were grateful that the rest of your stay there wasn't interrupted by Jackson coming to scare you or hurt you and Junmyeon. By the time you got home, two things had happened: your parents suddenly unfroze your account and Junmyeon's mother invited you out to go shopping next month once you finished classes. Your last two classes were coming up. You were about to finish school and look for a real job it was the scariest and most exciting thing ever..... "Yeol!" you shouted when you saw Chanyeol walking away from Uni. He turned around with raised eyebrows looking surprised. Junmyeon was walking behind you with his hands in his pockets. You ran up to Chanyeol and jumped so you could wrap your arms around his neck. The guy was a giant compared to you. "Be careful, be careful!" Junmyeon shouted when you ran. Chanyeol had picked you up in the hug and then set you down. You had a big smile on, "Wait so you're talking to me again? What happened on your trip?" he asked you then looked at Junmyeon. "There was a lot of make up sex." Junmyeon said. You slapped his stomach with the back of your hand. Chanyeol laughed, "Everything is over now. I don't have to worry about Jackson any more." you explained. "Wow really, that's great Y/M! So I have to ask though, what's going on with your engagement?" he asked. "We're prolonging it. Between the baby and school-" Junmyeon started out. "Wait baby? What baby? You're having a baby?" He asked with wide eyes. You nodded. "I thought you were on the pill?" he said. "Do you just tell Chanyeol everything?" Junmyeon said annoyed and jealous. "Well to be fair we did hook up a few times." you said. Junmyeon wrapped his arms around you, "But you love me right?" "Yes Junmyeon I love you." you said. "That's all I need to hear." he said. You laughed and he pressed your body up against his. Chanyeol smiled at you two and then chuckled. His finger grazed your cheek and you looked at him with a smile. "I never thought I'd see the day your smile would be brighter than the sun. You really make her happy Junmyeon. Keep it that way." he said. "I wouldn't dream of hurting her." Junmyeon said. Chanyeol smiled happy at the response. "Sucks though I should've slept with you one last time before he got you." Chanyeol said turning on his heel. "What did you say?" Junmyeon barked. "Yeol!" you screamed. He laughed as he continued walking. Junmyeon let go of you to chase after him. You chased after Junmyeon calling his name. Chanyeol's laughs could be heard around the campus. You stopped running to watch Junmyeon trying to catch Chanyeol and when he finally did he wrapped his arm around his neck and messed up his hair. Chanyeol yelled playfully until Junmyeon let him go. "All I'm saying is you should consider a three way, once the baby shows up it might be weird to do those kinds of things." Chanyeol joked. Junmyeon continued his assault on Chanyeol's hair. "Aish! Yeol don't you know when to keep your mouth shut?" You laughed. "Apparently not, as if I would share you with him." Junmyeon said. He let Chanyeol go and he came over to you picking you up and spinning you around once. He pressed his lips against yours in the most obvious manner that he was marking you as his. He deepened the kiss without a care of who was watching; it was when you let out a moan that he pulled back and shook his head. He let his thumb play with your bottom lip and he said, "This is the only time I don't want your voice to come out. Don't let him or anyone else hear you make those sexy sounds." he said. "We may have a problem then because Yixing and Yifan definitely heard me make some noise." "Aish don't bring that up." Junmyeon hugged you as you laughed. "We should go get something to eat. Chanyeol come with us." You said. "Sure, it's better then going to the club. It's gotten a bit boring without you around." Chanyeol said. You shushed him, "Really, you have to tell me how she danced at the club Chanyeol I'm really interested in that story." Junmyeon smirked at you. "Oh man I have to tell you about the incident on three twenty, two years ago." Chanyeol laughed. "Don't you dare!" you said. Chanyeol laughed and Junmyeon was all ears. If falling in love with Junmyeon was a mistake to your family it was the best one you've ever made. You wish you had your camera to capture this moment, though you didn't think it would be enough. With every passing moment there wasn't a constant dread that you'd become depressed or that you needed to disappear from the world because for once it finally happened. You were free... You were happy......
This needs to be a Drama πŸ€”πŸ€”
an amazing writer.
thank you
Awh~ it's so cute
Loving it!!!!!! I am glad Jackson is gone and true happiness is there!!!
Girl, I'm at work trying not to cry here at work. Finally she breaks free!!!!!
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