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Your perspective Pairing: Jungkook X reader Warning: mature content Kookie's birthday chapter. Happy Birthday Jeon Jungkook!!!
September 1st I woke up and quickly slid out of Kookie's arms. Before he could even stir, I woke up all his hyungs and Jimin and Yoongi got the cake ready. Then, I moved back in next to Kookie and slowly woke him up. "Happy Birthday Kookie!" "Thanks Jagi~" He pecked my lips so sweetly it was almost melting my heart. I knew he wanted to do more but that's when I motioned for his hyungs to come in and we all sung to him. Bless, Kookie did cry a little while blowing out his candles. The hyungs gave him their presents and left the room. That meant I could give him mine. I handed over the necklace and then told him about the song. "Sing it for me." "What right now?" "Yes! It's my birthday~" He loved it. Again... He cried.
I stalled him the whole day until we were walking through a fairy light garden towards the massive hall. "It's beautiful Y/N" "You haven't seen the best bit yet!" I opened the hall doors and everyone yelled surprise. He was taken back but immediately hugged me. "You did all this?" He whispered "I did now go have fun, I'll see you later. We both need to mingle" The first people I decided to chat to were Got7. All the groups had their own tables but that didn't stop them from talking to other guests. When I got to their table, Jackson was off talking to Jooheon and God knows who else. "Hey guys you alright?" "Yeah fine thanks Mack" Mark smiled. "Nice little birthday treat" JB cheered. It was only their little maknae that looked lost. "You alright Geom?" "Yeah yeah. I just..."
I followed his line of vision and saw Lisa from BlackPink. "She's mates with BamBam, why the hell would you not have a chance with her?" "I didn't say that I just..." "Then talk to her, she is human" He slowly and gradually made his way over to the girls who were causally talking with BamBam. Second table was the Exo table. Gosh... At least it would prepare me for the NCT and Seventeen tables... I ended up sitting between Chanyeol and Xiumin. Although Xiumin is a lot older than me, that doesn't stop him flirting like crazy. He was whispering in my ear, playing with my hair, cooing and comforting me... It was bearable until he wasn't just whispering in my ear but kissing my ear. Kookie was obvious to notice as he (not so discreetly) walked over.
"So how are you boys enjoying the party?" Kookie asked through gritted teeth. Xiumin just smirked, "Great. Best party ever" Kookie grabbed my arm, "good to see that, well sorry lads but my girlfriend and I still need to mingle" I tried my best to hide my smile, he was adorable when he was jealous but I'm also glad he saved me from that. "You can go to the NCT lot now" his instructions were simple. As I headed over Taeyong was first to notice the state I was in. "Are you alright Kenzie?" "Yeah. Kookie is just-" "Don't bother. He's just protective, that's good" All of them were fine, the younger ones are really energetic at the moment since NCT dream debuted. They say it's the best experience of their lives - as if I wouldn't know.
Jaehyun wasn't even awkward towards me so I hope Tae didn't tell him about the alcohol... Yeah, I'm glad he doesn't know. It'd make him feel so bad and he just doesn't need that. Seventeen was next and I sat next to Woozi oppa the whole time. The boys were nice. Very nice. Hahaha sorry. Wonwoo was only staying for part of it and then Mingyu was taking him back to their dorm. Anyway, the rest of the night was spent pretty uneventfully. That was until Taehyung and Jimin called me over, well they dragged me over. "Guys what the hell? I was in the middle of talking to Hani and the EXID girls" "Just trust us" they said in unison. It kinda creeped me out, they were acting like those weird twins in horror movies. They moved me into the middle of the room and stood either side of me. That's when the lights suddenly flicked up onto the stage.
Kookie was smugly stood on the stage. I could see the sweat dripping slightly from his forehead. Music started and Kookie proceeded to sing Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes. It brought tears to my eyes it was so beautifully sung. Just when I thought it was over, Kookie strode off the stage and the attention turned to me. "Mackenzie, Y/F/N Y/L/N, I sung you that song because it explains just how much I love you and.. And it made it easier to ask you this question." There was a pause as he took a deep breath and got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" He opened a red box which contain the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen. It had little music notes embedded in its side and a heart shaped diamond attached. My cheeks had barely dried from the song and now my tears were flooding my eyes.
"Yes Kookie of course I will" The rest of the guests watching clapped but I didn't take too much notice as I melted into his kiss. "I love you so much" I whispered "I love you too" he said back, "this is the best birthday present ever" GD hadn't even sung for him yet..! ~ And this is where we are. The whole world not expecting what they were about to be told, that myself and Mr Perfect were to be engaged. If I could tell my younger self that, then she wouldn't have believed me. I can barely believe it now, it only seems like yesterday that we were at each other's throats. At least this time is serious. I know it but there are people doubting me. I love Jungkook and he loves me and so that's all that matters. Yes, I've been out with every single member of Bangtan up to this day. But that my friends is how I lost the nickname of Bangtan's Bitch. It's all in the past. The name's Jeon, Mackenzie Jeon.
Lol how many people now would know who gym class heroes are
I knew she'd end up with kookie.
YES! HELL YES!! I WOULD SAY YES TO KOOKIE IN A HEARTBEAT! I loved all the idols in this chapter; Exid, Exo, Seventeen, NCT, NCT Dream, Blackpink, Got7, Monsta-X, very exciting