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Genre: Best Friends AU, Smut, Fucking stress because math Pairing: Reader X Jungkook Length: NOT IN THE MOOD Chapters: 1/1 (omg my first oneshot) Summary: Y/N is having trouble with her homework, Jungkook offers to help. A/N: Guys this is from personal experience, minus the hot idol best friend coming in and 'helping with homework' part, Polynomials are fucking confusing. I guarantee, I'm probably going to try to put a problem in here and get it wrong, I just know it. I should have just done something simple like 2+2 or something but I'm stress writing because math troubles -_- GODDAMN POLYNOMIALS- I was seriously going to name this story that, man what stress writing does to me...but no, I realized that it needed to be more smutty sounding than that so... Tutor Me- does this sound any better? Omigawd what's wrong with me T-T Anyway... Nobody's POV " Goddammit!" " Having trouble there?" Jungkook raised his brow at his friend's frustration. " What the hell is this fuckery? First it says subtract and now it says I did it wrong because I subtracted, what the fucking hell?!" Y/N yelled in anger and frustration, ignoring his question. " Is that trouble with math, I hear?" Jungkook teased, closing his book and getting up from his place on Y/N's bed. " This is too hard..." Y/N groaned dramatically, dropping her head on her desk. " Want some help?" Jungkook whispered into her ear, leaning on her back and wrapping his arms around her waist. " Ugh, yes please. Are you good at it?" Y/N mumbled on the desk, still not lifting her head. " Hm, I'm not bad at it..." Jungkook chuckled playfully, his hands toying with the zipper of her thin jacket. " Maybe you should tutor me, then." Y/N joked, not noticing him slowly sliding the zipper down. " Then shall we begin our lesson, Miss Y/N?" He played along, slowly tugging her jacket off of her shoulders. " What the hell are you doing?" Y/N jumped back in surprise, instinctively bringing her hands up to cover herself. " Tutoring you. Stand up." Hesitantly, Y/N stood up from her chair, eyeing her friend carefully. Jungkook took a step towards her, causing her to instinctively step back. " Don't try to run away from your problems, Y/N." He smirked. He walked closer as she continued to back away until her legs hit the back of her bed. She began to lose her balance, but Jungkook had grabbed the sleeve of her jacket and pulled her close enough so that his nose was just barely brushing her cheek. " Let's start off with a simple equation," He whispered, his breath gently dusting her face. " What will I get when I subtract your clothes, add your bed, and divide your legs?" " W-what the hell are you t-talking about?" Y/N stuttered, immediately getting flustered by the question. " Wrong answer. Shall I give you an example, then?" He smirked, suddenly ripping her jacket from her shoulders and tossing it behind him. " J-Jungkook, w-what are you d-doing?!" Y/N began to feel her legs go weak as he gazed at her with lust filled eyes. " Tutoring you." He replied, pushing her back onto the bed. She yelped as she fell back, bouncing a little from the strong impact. He immediately crawled over her, staring into her widened eyes before travelling down to her body. He lifted her shirt up to her neck so that it was exposing her black bra and brought his face closer to plant a kiss just under the middle of her bra. Y/N's breath hitched and she bit her lip to keep herself from saying anything that might make him stop. While Jungkook's hand held up Y/N's shirt, his other was slowly travelling up her thigh, making it's way up to teasingly play with the waistband of her shorts. He began to slowly kiss a trail down her stomach, gently sucking and biting every once in a while to leave small marks. " Let's try another problem." He said against her stomach, planting one more kiss before bringing his hands up to slowly slide her shorts down, leaving her in her matching black lacy panties. " What will you get when I subtract your panties, divide your legs, and add a finger?" " J-Jungkook, w-what are you d-doing?" Y/N stuttered, her hands twisting around the sheets nervously. " I ask the questions here, that wasn't quite the answer I was looking for. Do you need another example?" He roughly pushed her legs open and shoved her panties aside and without warning, quickly inserted his index finger into her folds. " Ah- Jungkook!" Y/N gasped, instantly clenching around his finger. " What would you get if I added two fingers?" He said, not waiting for an answer before sliding his middle finger in with his index. " Fuck! J-Jungkook!" " What about three?" He smirked before sliding in a third, causing Y/N to cry out again. " Let's try this again." He said, watching his fingers pump in and out of her. He began to grow hard at the sight of his fingers glistening with her juices before sticking all three into his mouth to lick off her fluids. " How long would you be able to last if I added my tongue?" " J-Jungkook d-don't-" Y/N choked out, squirming on the bed, her body aching to be touched again. " Wrong again. No wonder why you're failing." He scolded before laying his tongue flat against her dripping core. " A-ah! Fuck, Jungkook!" Y/N screamed out, arching her back in pleasure. He licked along her folds, making sure to get every inch before plunging his tongue into her, the taste of her filling up his senses as he began to flick his tongue, his hands gripping her thighs as he lapped up her juices. Y/N's hands flew down to tangle in his hair as he worked his tongue against her clit, harshly tugging his locks and causing him to moan inside of her, the vibrations racking her body with absolute pleasure. Y/N twisted around in the sheets as Jungkook ate her out, her cries of pleasure ringing throughout the room. He soon added his fingers alongside his tongue unexpectedly and Y/N gasped in surprise, arching her back from the bed and tugging at his hair harder. When he felt she was just about to come, he pulled away, earning a loud whine from Y/N at the loss of contact. " Jungkook, why'd you sto-" He cut her off with a wet kiss, instantly shoving his tongue into her mouth and tangling with hers, her juices mixing in with their saliva as they kissed. Jungkook began to slide Y/N's shirt off, wondering why he hadn't done it sooner. After her shirt was gone, he began to bring his hands to her back to unclip her bra as she brought her hands up to begin unbuckling his belt. His hands cupped her breasts as her bra fell, gently massaging them while she slid his jeans off, leaving him in just his boxers. Breaking their heated kiss, Jungkook kissed his way down her neck until he got down to one of her breasts, opening his mouth to take one in, flicking his tongue over her nipple and sucking gently. She moaned, bringing her hand down to palm him through his boxers. Y/N suddenly switched their positions, flipping Jungkook over to rest against the backboard. He grunted in surprise but made no move to stop her as she climbed over him, crashing their lips together in another hungry kiss. She quickly pulled off his boxers, his large member springing free to stand before her fully erect. She began to make her way down, bringing her hand up to touch him but he slapped her hand away. " I'm supposed to be tutoring you, baby." He grasped her wrist, harshly yanking her up for another heated kiss as he lifted her in position, quickly aligning himself at her entrance before pulling away from the kiss to ask for permission. She responded by sinking down onto his shaft without hesitation, both of them gasping in shock and pleasure at the feeling. They slowly began to move, trying to match speeds. Quickly adjusting, they soon became a mess of moans and their movements became a blur as Jungkook thrusted into her, Y/N rolling her hips against his to create more friction. Y/N drug her nails down his back as he pounded into her, flipping her over to fuck her on her back. He lifted her leg over his shoulder to give him more access and slammed into her with force, so strongly that she would have fallen right off the bed if he hadn't had such a tight grip on her hips. Both nearing their climax, the two began to pant hard and their movements started to lose rhythm. " I-I'm going to come!" Y/N cried into his shoulder. " M-me too." Jungkook panted. " Jungkook!" With one final cry, Y/N came all over Jungkook's cock, his release following right after and filling her up. " Best tutoring session ever." Y/N breathed out, staring up at the ceiling. Jungkook let out a small laugh before rolling over to face her. Y/N rolled over as well, looking at Jungkook with a smile. " So...What else can you teach me, Professor Jeon?" From that day on, teachers began asking what Y/N did to suddenly bring her grade up so quickly. Even some students asked her what her secret was. " I just found a really good tutor." Y/N never failed a class again. A/N: I think I kind of dragged it on but I did work on this for a week so the feeling kind of went down a little...Anyway, it's the first smut I've ever completely finished so that's something I guess. Also, even though I've read a shit ton of smut before, I didn't think that I didn't know how it worked until I got to writing one myself...But I will get better and work on making my dirty mind more filthy so I can write better smuts later on. :P But I actually started this a while ago and have been meaning to get it posted but I kept forgetting to bring my laptop with me when I had time. But today was actually pretty perfect because it's close to his birthday but I'm not sure he'd want a smut for his birthday... Anyway, it's finally getting posted so enjoy. ( I can't believe I wrote another one, omigawd I'm such a sinful child.) 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hey is really good to be your first..😆😆👍👍tag me If you make more one shot
hey hey thanks😆 it was actually harder than I thought😅 I thought I had a filthy mind but this was kind of a challenge
Shit if I had a tutor like that when I was in school I definitely would have passed all my classes.