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Also BBXGD FIGHTING. Please make prayers for her.

-Finally- Jungkook said getting up from his seat. -They are calling us to board-
You yawned, frowning a bit. -I didn’t hear it-
Jungkook helped you to your feet, taking your hand so you could stand up faster. -Y/N they said it clearly, flight 9897 to Seoul-
You looked down at your boarding pass, it said indeed flight 9897, you just hadn’t understood anything the lady said over the speakers, you had never been able to distinguish very well the information at airports, even less in hangul, you had a good level of the language but apparently not airpot level, but you trusted Jungkook so you grabbed your things, ready to go.
-Let’s go Kook-
You were on first class, the seats were comfortable and you had plenty of room for your legs which was a good thing, a flight from Madrid to Seoul was long, but you figured that if you had all this space for your legs and Jungkook by your side you could endure it without trouble.
Now you had to wait for the boarding to end which would be in some time since this was a big plane and you had practically got in first.
Both of you texted your families you were already on the plane, he also let the manager and the members know, although this had been a personal vacation Jungkook always kept them posted. You had three years as a couple, three amazing years in which you had spent beautiful moments together, almost a year ago you made your relationship public and at first the uproar had been horrible, a lot of people were hurt, a lot of fans got mad, but Jungkook never give up on you and on the same way you didn’t give up on him, both of you stuck together until everything was settled. Not everyone accepted you yet but at least you could be on the open and enjoy life like a normal couple would.
To celebrate you had gone to a mini vacation at Spain and it had been wonderful, Jungkook was able to enjoy this trip to the maximum, getting a break from all the buzz of celebrity life, and you had had a blast with him. Eating tapas and drinking wine, Jungkook took a thousand photos of you and of the breathtaking sights of Madrid, it had been a great trip that it would surely stay in your memories forever.
You pouted at him after you were done with your phone. Jungkook took a few seconds to notice it but when he did he smiled widely, if you were alone he would have leaned in to kiss your pout, but since you were on a plane and the lights were still on he decided it was best to just flick your forehead.
-Auch, why did you do that?- you nagged.
Jungkook chuckled. -You are cute Y/N, what’s that pout about?-
You sighed, turning and inclining your body so you could be able to see through the window. -I don’t want this to end-
He caressed your hand softly, just for a couple of seconds but the gesture made you feel a little better. -I don’t want either, but we have to go back, you have work and…-
You groaned. -Aish, don’t remind me of work, not yet-
Jungkook chuckled again. -Yeah, and I also have a crazy schedule to attend, besides, God knows the guys can’t help themselves without me-
At this you laughed, it had been a joke but you seriously thought it was true in someway, you wouldn’t been able to help yourself either if you were to be away from Jungkook.
The boarding ended and soon the plane took off, you were on your way home. When the lights of the seat belts were off you unbuckled it, putting on a pair of thicker and fluffier socks, Jungkook smiled when he saw them, they were pink and had little cat’s and dog’s faces. You yawned and placed your head on his shoulder, peeking at what he was doing on the little screen.
-Are you going to watch a movie?- you asked but it was quiet obvious as he was browsing through an action movie list.
-Yeah, I’m not sleepy yet so I might as well catch up with some movies-
Yawning again you nodded. -Alright, I’m going to watch something too- you said straightening up to browse for a good movie, but you didn’t even get to pick one as you fell as asleep almost instantly after you posed your head on the backrest.
Jungkook turned to tell you to pass him his blanket when he saw you were completely out, he smiled, knowing you were completely exhausted, he guessed you were going to fall asleep but he didn’t think you would do it so soon. He reached for the two blankets, both had fallen to the floor, he placed one over your body carefully, you already had socks and a sweater on but he knew how you liked to always sleep with a blanket, that and the plane would get chiller as time went by.
He put his blanket over his shoulders, stretching his neck a bit to go back to the movie but then he felt something on his shoulder. From the corner of his eyes he saw the top of your head, you had moved and were now supporting your head over him. Jungkook was immobile for a couple of seconds, but then he readjusted his position, a better one in which he could actually see your face.
You were sleeping so peacefully, profoundly; not even Jungkook moving his hands to caress your cheek woke you up. He didn’t always watch you sleep, but when he did Jungkook felt like he couldn’t stop doing so, you were so beautiful, even when you where tired, your hair and makeup not completely done since both of you left the hotel that morning in a hurry; every detail of your face made Jungkook want to smile or kiss you, he knew it was a clear sign he was in love and he wasn’t ashamed of it, this wasn’t a foreign feeling for him now, not after three years with you.
You snuggled more to him, getting comfier. Jungkook couldn’t help it this time, you looked adorable with your parted lips and messy hair, the lights were off, that told him he could act without being seen, so he bent down a little and placed a soft kiss on your lips.
After that Jungkook leaned back on his seat, he saw the movie “Mad Max” on pause but Jungkook wasn’t feeling it anymore, his eyes felt heavy and his body was starting to tell him he was also exhausted, so he turned off the screen.
He stretched his legs, to then get into position to sleep, he looked at you once again, supporting your head on his shoulder using him as a pillow, he felt happy about it, like he wouldn’t want it to be other way. So Jungkook placed his head on top of yours, closing his eyes to sleep; but you moved and for a moment he thought he had woken you up, but you only got your head into a better position and when Jungkook leaned again to place his head on top of yours he realized this it was perfect.
Both of you were way too tired to even talk, way too sleepy to do anything else, but Jungkook knew it was the perfect outcome, you were together.


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