I came back from my vacation Saturday late at night and I've been working ever since so it's been really busy. But hey, it's money lol Sorry I haven't been as active as I want to be. I'll try my best to do better for the remainder of my time as moderator.
I also wanted to share these two digital edits I made for @starbell808.
So yeah it's going to be a bit hectic as I'm working straight till next Friday. Hope everyone has a good evening and enjoys their weekend~ Storia Crew: @MrsKyungil (Mod) @IsoldaPazo @VixenViVi @twistedPuppy Storia Family: @AimeeH @Stefanitre @luna1171 @JamiMilsap @reyestiny93 @jjrockstar @EliseB @Vyvyn @Ttwolf74 @ElisabethGraceG @MandyNoona @LocoForJiyong @MelissaGarza @lolImbetter09 @sweetnothing34 @otakukpoper @ortizwendy17 @karinamiranda81 @swarrier16 If you'd like to be added to the taglist please comment on this card here.
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@mrskyungil thank u love them