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@kpopandkimchi made a card about making new intro cards so I thought I would join(I never really made one so i decided to make one now :P), but check out their post here :)
How I got into Kpop: My best friend had to do this skit based on a song for her drama class. She was telling me about this song her partner picked which was SHINee's song Sherlock. At first I didn't really care for it, then I listened to it the next day, still not completely into it. I listened to it a few more times then I finally realized i loved the song and had had been listening to it everyday for about a week XD. Then I started listening to more of their songs and finding different groups and falling in love <3
My biases: +My my first bias was Sehun from Exo <3 I thought he was so cute and handsome X3 +T.O.P.: As soon as I saw T.O.P I fell in love :3 He's so handsome and I love his deep voice <3 +Last and certainly not least Suga!<3 He's my ultimate bias and I want so much merch of him XD I'm so obsessed with everything about him<3
Anything else: I'm 15(almost 16^-^) and obsessesed with kpop and I'm pretty shy(I'm super terrible at starting conversations >_<), but im really trying to become more social. I LOVE to draw and i really wanna make beautiful art like some od my favorite artists one day^-^. I love anime and cosplay too so feel free to talk to me and give me any anime or kpop suggestions <3
Thank you for looking thu my card! <3 Thank u for your time and feel free to message me! I'd love to be friends with all u awesome people^-^ and don't forget to check out @kpopandkimchi post and profile they're awesome :) Bye <3
and also SHINee was one of my first bias groups! i love them so much!!!!!
Awesome :D I was so obsessed with them when i first got into kpop :) I still love them but now I'm obsessed with BTS :P