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OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAWD!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST STAYED UP ALL NIGHT AND GOT ONLY A TEASER!!! >_< I TOTALLY GOT TROLLED BY SEUNGRI! *i guess i should blame the Time Zone Difference :3* BUT STILL i was WORTH EVERY SECOND OF IT!!! :D it made up for all the trash talk about his 'Let talk About Love' teaser, NOW i can't WAIT for TOMORROW & NEXT WEEK PERFORMANCE!!! <3 ************************************************************ TRANSLATION: Seungri: “I came here early because I wanted to meet you guys earlier. GOTTA TALK TO YOU’ is a song that has everything I saw and learned through my 8 years of being a singer. And I think you guys will really like the songs. Listen to my songs tomorrow and I prepared a very special comeback stage for next week’s Inkigayo so don’t miss it!” Seungri was supposed to be promoting SBS KPOP STAR, but he accidentally said Mnet’s SUPERSTAR K and was like ‘Did I do this wrong?’