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Chapter 31
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst
Warning: Language
If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/
False Innocence Collection
Taehyung POV
“I have to go somewhere real quick but I’ll meet up with everyone at the cafe,” Taehyung said before leaving [Y/N] in the classroom. “I’ll send you a text letting you know I’m on my way.” With a wave he was out the door and quickly walking down the halls.
Taehyung had agreed to meet Nana in their usual spot but he wasn’t meeting her for the usual reasons. He was going to tell her he was done playing these games. Taehyung wanted to do right by [Y/N] and end all of his side flings.
Nana was waiting for him in the garden with her arms crossed. He could tell she was still mad at him for leaving her out on the street Wednesday night. He ran up to her ready to start talking but she instantly connected their lips. He grabbed her arms and pushed her back. “Nana, stop this.”
“Why baby, is it not enough for you?”
Nana leaned forward connecting their lips again pushing herself into Taehyung. He grabbed her arms again and pushed her back, more firmly this time. “Nana, please listen to me,” Taehyung started. Nana rolled her eyes and took a step back. “What. Were you being serious when you said our playtime was over,” she asked, her voice covered in venom.
“Yes. Nana we can’t keep doing this. Correction. I can’t keep doing this. I don’t want to. I came here to tell you that.”
“You’re serious?”
“Yes. Now I need to get going.”
Taehyung started to walk away but felt Nana grab his arm, stopping him. “Tae. Baby wait. Hear me out,” Nana started. Taehyung looked at her and saw sadness spread across her face and he started to feel bad. “I understand why you want to stop, but can you hear me out for just a bit,” she pleaded. “Okay, I’ll listen.” He walked back over to her.
“I get that you want to end things but can we not end them like this? Can you at least give me one final memory of our time together?”
“What do you mean Nana?”
Nana brought herself close to Taehyung, pressing her body against his. She looked up into his eyes making sure to hold his attention. “Kiss me like you used to. Please. One last time.” Taehyung threw his head up and drew in a large breath. He felt Nana’s touch on his face bring his attention back to her eyes. “Please.”
Taehyung hesitantly moved his hand to Nana’s cheek. Her gaze stayed strong and he couldn’t break free from her eyes. ‘One more kiss will be fine. She isn’t asking for more. One more kiss is fine,’ Taehyung thought trying to convince himself. He placed his other hand on the middle of Nana’s back pulling her close to him and slowly moved his lips to hers. He stopped just before their lips made contact knowing he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing. ‘It’s just one more kiss.’
Their lips connected and Taehyung kissed her with everything he had. He felt her hand wrap around him and a small moan leaving her mouth. Her sound ignited a flame he wanted to put out but it overtook him. He let his hand explore her body hoping to find something new, even though he already knew it so well. Pulling her closer, he deepened the kiss between them and felt as her hands explored his own body causing a reaction from him. Taehyung changed the direction of his head when he suddenly heard his name. He broke the connection of his and Nana’s lips and looked down at her, their breath ragged. “Did you say my name,” he asked her. Nana shook her head no and went to start kissing Taehyung again when he heard his name called again, but the sound of it sounded broken. “Taehyung... is that you?”
He looked over and saw [Y/N] standing and staring at him. It felt as if his heart fell into his stomach as he slowly released Nana from his arms and face [Y/N]. “[Y/N]...” he started. Taehyung was so focused on [Y/N] he didn’t noticed Namjoon running up and his fist connecting with his cheek. Taehyung stumbled back and tried to catch himself. He watched at [Y/N]’s frame started to run away leaving her bag behind on the ground. “[Y/N]!” Taehyung screamed, tears forming in his eyes as he started to run after her. His cheek was met with another one of Namjoon’s fists, this time Taehyung fell to the ground. “Stay away from her,” Namjoon demanded. Taehyung saw the anger burning in his eyes and watched as he gather [Y/N]’s things then ran after her.
Tears suddenly started fall from Taehyung’s eyes as he sat on the ground covering his face. Nana knelt down next to him and touch his shoulder. He slapped her away as he sobbed. “How. How did she know,” Taehyung asked through gasping breaths. “I asked her to come,” Nana said calmly. Taehyung suddenly stopped crying and looked up at Nana who was smiling sweetly. “You what,” he asked confused. “I asked her to come here,” she repeated herself. Taehyung suddenly felt himself becoming enraged with Nana.
“You said you were going to throw me away Taehyung. I don’t feel too good knowing that. You weren’t the one running this game. I was. Now I’ve won.”
“You bitch.”
Nana’s sweet smile turned into a snake like grin. “Love you too babe. See you later.” Nana leaned down and kissed Taehyung’s forehead then skipped away happily leaving Taehyung to his own sorrow.
Taehyung sat on the ground and screamed as his tears fell. ‘This wasn’t suppose to happen. This wasn’t suppose to happen,’ he continued to think as he cried. He stood up after a few minutes and decided that he needed to find [Y/N] and explain everything.
Namjoon POV
Namjoon ran after [Y/N] yelling her name as he chased her. She was a lot faster than expected so it took him a little bit to catch her. Namjoon finally caught up to her and lightly grabbed her arm keeping her from running any farther. He held onto her arm as he felt her slowly collapsing to the floor of the school building.
He crouched down next to her and watched as silent tears fell from her eyes. [Y/N] looked like she was in shock. “[Y/N],” Namjoon said softly as he placed his hand on her shoulder. She didn’t move, she just stared at the floor, lifeless. Namjoon put his arm around [Y/N] and guided her to stand back up. He held her close as he helped her walk out of the school to a bench just outside the door. Namjoon pulled his cellphone out and dialed Jungkook. “Hey Jungkook where are you at?”
“I’m at the gate waiting on you guys. What’s up?”
Namjoon walked away from [Y/N] while still keeping an eye on her. “Listen we have a problem.”
“Uh-oh, what’s going on? Where are you guys at?”
“We are still at the school. I think I need to take [Y/N] home first then I can meet you at the cafe. I’ll explain everything there.”
“Okay yeah sure man. Should I call Taehyung?”
“No, not a good idea.”
“Oh...okay. Just hit me up when you are near. I’ll run home and change then.”
“Sounds good. Thanks Jungkook.”
“Yeah no problem. Take care of [Y/N].”
Namjoon hung up the phone and put it back into his pocket before walking back over to [Y/N]. He knelt down in front of her again looking up at her tearful face. His heart hurt for her after what just happened. Namjoon pulled [Y/N] into a hug and held her closely, petting her hair. She felt like an earthquake in his arms. Unable to find the right words to say, Namjoon squeezed her closer to him.
You sat there crying. You couldn’t stop the tears from falling, from your breath hiccuping in your chest. The pain you were feeling was so much more than you ever thought it would be. You didn’t notice as Namjoon put his arms around you and pulled you in closely. Finding the center of his chest, you continued to cry. You gripped his shirt just below his chest and felt as he smoothed your hair.
Not saying a word, Namjoon held you. It felt like you had been crying for hours when you finally heard Namjoon say something to you. “[Y/N]...” You looked up at him. Your eyes hurt from crying and still tears continued to fall, staining your cheeks. Namjoon took his thumb and gently wiped your tears from your face. His efforts were futile though. The tears he had wiped away were quickly replaced with newly fallen ones. “Let me take you home. Being here at school isn’t the best place to cry,” Namjoon said smiling at you sweetly. You nodded at him as you sniffled.
As you stood up you heard someone call your name causing you to turn in their direction. You watched as Taehyung ran up to you breathing heavily. His eyes were red and swollen as if he had been crying. “[Y/N], please let me explain,” Taehyung pleaded grabbing your hand lightly. “She doesn’t need to listen to you,” Namjoon spoke, pulling your hand from Taehyung. “Please give me a chance to explain. Please, just listen to me,” Taehyung begged as he lowered himself to his knees. You listened as his sobs escaped him while he hung his head looking at the ground. Taehyung lowered himself further to the ground and lightly grabbed your ankle. “Please... Please...” he repeated over and over again. You could feel how much he was shaking by the grip of his hand on your ankle.
You look up at Namjoon and said, “Namjoon, can you give us some space?”
“[Y/N], I don’t know if that-”
“It won’t take long.”
Namjoon was hesitant to leave you but he walked away and watched from a distance. You turned your attention to the crying Taehyung on the ground and bent down to him. You lightly touched his shoulder causing him to jolt his head up to look at you. “[Y/N]?” Taehyung asked sniffling.
You simply stared down at him, the hurt and anger burning your eyes. You watched as Taehyung stood up slowly looking down at you. “Please let me explain. Please.” You stared blankly at Taehyung, giving no response.
“NanasuddenlycalledmethereandIdidn’tknowwhatshewasplanningand.” Taehyung was talking so quickly and crying at the same time that you couldn’t understand him. You looked down at the ground debating on if you actually wanted to hear all of this. His excuses, his stories, did it all even matter? You heard Taehyung take a shaky breath and start over, this time speaking more clearly.
“She called me there randomly, I didn’t know that’s what was going to happen and I didn’t know she was going to call you there too. She told me she did it on purpose. I’m sorry, I didn’t know I’m so sorry.” Taehyung suddenly pulled you into a hug squeezing you tightly as he continued to cry into your hair. “Please I’m so sorry. I love you. I’m sorry.”
Keeping your own arms to your sides you heard him continue his apologies into your hair. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I love you. I’m sorry. Please believe me.” You pushed against his chest causing him to let go of you and take a step back. When you looked up at him his face was tear streaked and red. His face probably looked worse than yours.
“Taehyung, even if this was all just a scheme made by Nana why were you holding her like that? Because you seemed very comfortable touching her,” you said lowly, your voice filled with anger. You started feeling your tears start to fall again. Taehyung wiped the fall tears from your cheeks. “I’m sorry, I just…” he started.
You slapped away his hand. “Just what!? You were enjoying yourself so much you forgot about me!?”
“I got caught up in the moment. I’m sorry, I don’t have an excuse for it. I shouldn’t have done what I did. I’m sorry.” You looked down at the ground at his response. “Please [Y/N], I promise it won’t happen again. I’m sorry, please just believe me.”
Namjoon suddenly stepped up to you and put his arm around you motioning you to leave. “Where the hell do you think you’re taking my girlfriend,” Taehyung yelled ripping Namjoon’s hand off of you. “I’m not your girlfriend anymore!” you sobbed surprising both Namjoon and Taehyung.
“[Y/N]... please don’t say that.”
“Stay away from me Taehyung.” Namjoon put his arm back around you.
“[Y/N] don’t leave like this.”
Without saying a word you let Namjoon guide you away from him. You felt Taehyung grabbed Namjoon’s arm again so harshly you were pulled to the ground. As you looked up you saw Taehyung’s fist connect to the right side of Namjoon’s cheek, luckily not leaving a mark. “Stay away from her,” he screamed. By this point the three of you had created a large enough scene teachers came running. “Hey what do you think you kids are doing,” one yelled as they ran toward you. Namjoon grabbed you from the ground and said, “come on let’s go. We don’t want to get suspended.” The two of you ran from the school grounds leaving Taehyung to be caught by the teacher.
As soon as the two of you walked out of the school gates you stopped. “Where are we meeting Jungkook again,” you asked while you stared at the ground, your voice feeling dry and your body feeling numb.
“[Y/N]... you don-”
“Where are we meeting Jungkook?” you asked harshly.
“At the cafe just around the corner.”
You nodded and started walking toward the cafe. ‘This is fine,’ you thought, ‘I’m fine. I’ll be fine.’ You repeated your thoughts as you walked to the cafe. Maybe at some point the hurt you were feeling would fade and you’d start to believe your own words.
Taehyung POV
Taehyung’s arm was grabbed by one of the teachers. His tears falling as he watched Namjoon run away with [Y/N], his arm around her. ‘Please look back, please look back,’ Taehyung thought as he watched them while fighting the teacher pulling him back to the school. “Get off of me,” he yelled at the teacher. Another teacher grabbed his other arm and the two of them started bringing him back to the school. “Stop struggling or you’ll only be suspended longer,” one of them said.
Sitting in an uncomfortable chair Taehyung realized just how much his eyes hurt. He thought about how long had he been crying. He’s never known himself to cry like this. One of the teachers who drug him back into the school sat down in front of him and let out a heavy sigh. “Okay, tell me your name and what class you belong to,” the teacher said while writing on a piece of paper not looking at Taehyung.
“Kim Taehyung class 1-B.” Taehyung’s voice sounded hoarse and his eyes were fixated on the ground. Each time Taehyung answered the teacher wrote his answer on the paper in front of him.
“A first year and already causing so much trouble. Are you involved in any clubs?”
“Soccer club sir.”
“Good thing your season ended last week. What were the names of the other two students?”
“I don’t know their names sir.”
“If you tell me their names I’m willing to lessen your suspension.” Taehyung sat quiet debating on if he wanted to sell them out. ‘I started this mess. They don’t deserve it,’ he thought. “Not going to mention their names?” The teacher let out a sigh. “Well it looks like he got a few hits to your face as well but if you aren’t going to talk that’s fine. We need to contact your parents. You’re being suspended for a week.”
“A week!?”
“Protest and I’ll increase the time! We don’t allow violence at this school. Delinquents like you give this school a bad name. Now give me your parents information so I can call them.”
Taehyung gave the teacher the phone number to their house knowing his parents weren’t home to answer. He didn’t want to ruin his parents weekend trip. The teacher walked away to make the phone call leaving Taehyung sitting in his chair. Taehyung took in a shaky breath feeling tears start to come back to his eyes. “Well no one answered but I left a message. Do you have another contact number,” the teacher asked as he sat back down in his chair.
“No sir I don’t.”
“Well no matter. You’re suspended starting next week. We’ve informed your teachers. If I hear that you are within even a block of school grounds I’ll extend your sentence. Now leave and don’t cause anymore trouble.”
Taehyung stood up and bowed to the teacher then left the room headed toward the bathroom to wash his face. When he saw his reflection in the bathroom mirror the only thing that came to his mind was, ‘You look like shit. And you deserve it you ass hole.’ Taehyung stayed in the bathroom for a while leaning over the sink before leaving to get his bike and walking home, taking a long detour.
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