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My name is Adreanna but I go by Aeri! I was introduced to KPop when I did an all nighter with one of my college friends, she played it and I ended up getting sucked in. She is a big girl group fan (mamamoo is her fav) but I have always preferred male voices, even in english music, so I mainly listen to boy groups.
My bias group is GOT7 and my bias is the wonderful Jackson Wang! Not just because he is incredibly handsome but also because he has a huge heart and a great personality. He puts everyone before himself and I hope I can marry someone as caring as him one day ♡
My second favorite group is BTS. Even though Army are supposedly all bat nuts crazy (I know that's not true haha ) I really love their music and I have met some really nice fans that just want everyone to get along. My bias from this group is JHope! He is super handsome, hilarious, and insanely talented!! I fell in love with his voice (both talking and rapping) but his laugh is what gets me the most.
The first groups that I found online when I did my own searching were BIGBANG and SHINee. Sober from BIGBANG's MADE album was the first KPop song that really pulled me in and it's still my favorite song. I actually heard Fantastic Baby and RingDingDong first but both of those kind of scared me until after I came to appreciate them. I really really really love SHINee but I love GOT7 and BTS just a little more (not by much though).
More general info about me: (feel free to skip, I'm not that interesting) Age: 19 Birthday: March 18 (Pieces) Home: Washington State Personality: Shy internet shadow lurker (but in real life if I'm comfortable with you then I can get pretty talkative lol) I know of a lot of groups but I don't really follow any of them because I am so busy it's hard to follow even just GOT7 and BTS! But I love the music from the other groups so that's enough for me haha ♡
This was probably an incredibly boring card and not many people will read this far, so if you're still reading then I thank you so much @kpopandkimchi @MrsBangYongguk @JackieG1617 @CrystalGuerra @jiminakpop @YessicaCardenas
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you had me with that kermit wrecking ball picture HAHAHAHHAHAH
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haha thanks I love that picture!
a year ago
Your beginning picture is life XD I really sang it to his voice XD
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Welcome! And as far as I've seen all Fandoms have those few that are really bat shit crazy.
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haha I've been listening to kpop for about 3 years now and on vingle for almost a year...but like you said...I'm a bit of a lurker as well lol
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