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As you can see I'm an older Kpop fan. My name Luna and I'm a mother of 3. My eldest Daughter is 23 my middle son is 20 and my youngest is 16.
My ultimate bias group is VIXX and it was my youngest daughter who brought me into the Kpop world. It was during a situation involving some issues that brought us together through VIXX music and I haven't looked back.
EXO is my second bias group and also has my Ultimate Bias within. Zhang Yixing just takes my breath away. With his sweet nature and cunning moves he's a force to be watched.
My family is closer since Kpop entered our lives with each member loving different groups and all.of us coming together once a week to enjoy Kdramas kpop videos and gaming haha. Sorry if this old bird bored the life out of YA haha Thanks @kpopandkimchi for tagging me.
VIXX bringing the fam together! I love it!!!!!
I think it's amazing that you guys can bond over Kpop as a family! :)
aww that's so sweet! my sister and I are closer thanks to kpop hehe