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Ok I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves watching Korean Dramas. When I saw the trailers for this drama I was counting down the days until the first episode was aired. I was even anxious while I was at work to head home quickly to watch it. Well the wait is over and it was definitely worth the wait.
The cast is huge! I mean look at the character map! The drama is based on Hae Soo who travels back in time to the beginning of the Goryeo era (which is my favorite time period in koreas history) where in percent time she was in an accident. Upon awaking she realized she is no longer in 2016 but 500 years back in time. Along with way she meets the 14 princes and her journey begins. The princes..........there are no words on how happy I am to be watching this drama. Even though there are 14 princes the drama has shown 8 out of 14 princes. Some of the characters are based on real historical people from back then. which is way I could not wait for the drama to start.
These three are part of my list of favorite actors. I am happy to say that for the next 2 months for 21 episodes I am going be one happy person. Below is an article you can read and if you want to watch the drama go to dramafever to watch the first 2 episodes. episode 3 is out but it is available for premium members for now. Should be available this weekend for nonpremium members.
On Soompi there is an article on their thoughts of the drama so far. I would love share on what my thoughts are but I would be spoiling it for others. the article also spoils so read at your own risk.
Wahh I watched all three episodes in one day and I'm dying to see more. I love it!! Lee Jun ki is amazing. Love his character. And Baekhyun is adorable in this show. Ji soo is so silly. And I thought the third prince looked like TOP 😍😍 Amazing so far. look forward to the new episodes
I've been following it and so far it's good. Lee Junki is stealing the show for sure. I haven't watched the original version but I hope it has a happy ending.