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Ravi Thursday: A Virtual Date
Here's the next of my virtual date series. Enjoy!
First he'd want to dress to impress. he's going all out for his special lady, but not too fancy. enough to impress, but not enough to make you feel under dressed.
He'd want to be your chauffeur and drive his woman around without prying ears or eyes. No limit on skinship behind those tinted windows.
He wouldn't be the kind to go to the fancy restaurant. he'd want to have fun with you and maybe sip some soju with his girl. Maybe some billiards so he could show you his skills and get up close and personal teaching you how to shoot.
After lots of games and back hugs and shots of soju, he'd take you to his studio to get first listen to the song he's working on. After he'd put on the Mixtape he made especially for you and you'd dance together until your buzz wore off.
He'd drive you home afterward holding your hand and telling you about all the plans he has for the future, and at the end of the night, in front of your place, he'd see you off with a passionate goodbye kiss and watch you go in your door before taking off.
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Sounds perfect! Loved it! ^-^
a year agoReply
I'd love that kind of date. Nothing over the top but still thoughtful and nice and that kiss at the end ssoo ashdkf. However as soon as he got the Okay from you he would be inside the apartment building and all over you. 馃槀馃槀 馃憤馃憤
a year agoReply
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Yeesss!!!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 馃槑 馃槒
a year ago
OMG! Ravi be bias wrecking up in here.
a year agoReply
I would like to be tagged please
a year agoReply
@RubyDusky sure thing!
a year agoReply