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@KpopandKimchi Suggested that we should make introduction cards since there are a lot of New members on Vingle, so I thought it was a good idea, and Now I'm finally doing it.
"How did you get into Kpop?" Well, I was just bored while on YouTube, and I came across a "Fine Bros" video where they introduced people to Kpop, and I liked what I heard and I started to check out some of the songs, and Here I am today!
Who are your Biases? (Can You name just ONE ultimate Bias?) •Bang Yongguk (UB) (Husband) •Kim Namjoon (my Second Ulti....I mean... I Love him Very Much. Hehe) 😅 •Kim Wonshik (my First love) ❤️ I have a lot of other biases, but those are my top biases, and we'll be here all night if I read them all to you. 😂
Anything else Fun and Interesting? I Love Making Kpop fan art on my Laptop. I've been working on a fan art of Yongguk for over two weeks. It's not finished yet, but I'll post it when it's finished. 😄
@P1B2Bear @Junhwanbae92 @imiebegay14 @AmberRelynn @KiinLyr @salo @Eli20 @JackieG1617 Let me know if you would like to be added to my Taglist.
I still love that your new username has all your biases in it hahahahahahhahah <3
Thank you. 😄 Yeah, sometimes it's hard to choose between my babies, so I just put them all in one username. 😂
WELCOME! feel free to go through my Kpop file. I'VE been listening to kpop for over 15 years, while I can't answer questions about the new groups I can answer about the older groups.
Thank you so much! 🤗
perfect 😁👌💟 .
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It's okay. Don't worry about it. You're fine. 👌🏻