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Here comes trouble~

Wooo~ Ttara Hae~

*starts singing in broken korean*

Hello everyone!

So for my random card this week, I thought that I would do the introduction card that @kpopandkimchi tagged me in! I have done some cards like this before, but for those of you who may not know me as well, let's dive in shall we?

1. How did you get into Kpop?

I actually got into Kpop when I popped onto Youtube one day about...6, 7 years ago? Super Junior's Mr. Simple was recommended to me and interested, I clicked on the video and it completely changed my life. Like, my life was over from that point on but I just didn't know it yet LOL

2. Who are your biases?

Hmm...well my UB is Chanyeol as many of you know because I talk about him way too much...like its a problem...*someone call the doctor* And the rest of my biases go from no particular order (except the first two): BTS - Jungkook Seventeen - Woozi VIXX - Hongbin ASTRO - Eunwoo BTOB - Sungjae Monsta X - Wonho Super Junior - Donghae Big Bang - Top NCT - Mark GOT7 - BamBam B.A.P - Zelo IKON - B.I Up10tion - Sunyoul CNBLUE - Yonghwa Winner - Taehyun Block B - Zico SHINee - Taemin BlackPink - Lisa Mamamoo - Solar SNSD - Sooyoung Red Velvet - Joy F(X) - Amber 2NE1 - CL 4Minute - Hyuna And...my mind is now blank...Just call me the Kpop Hoe...because obviously I love too many bands LOL

3. Anything else fun and interesting~^^

Well...I like to write stories as you guys probably know by now... I am also 18 and I live in the lovely Colorado (hehe I am a young one~). I am also obsessed with Game of Thrones and Walking Dead (and now Stranger Things). I am a huge Korean Drama person (I just finished Oh My Venus and oh my lord was it so good!) I am basically just lay around all day when I don't have to do anything. And lastly, I am a HUGE Running Man nerd. I have seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. And half of them I have seen twice...I just love them all too much...

Well, that's me!

If you guys have any more questions for me leave it in the comments and I will try to answer them as soon as I can!

Love you fam~

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(Credit to the owners of the gifs and pictures!)

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nice to meet you....I like Running Man but I'm more of a 'Happy Together' type of guy