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3D Audios (Ballad Version)
So I'm here minding my own business trying to find some music to listen to while writing my Taehyung story "Kim Taehyung" when I come across this YouTube account and all I want to tell this person (don't know if it's a girl or guy) is THANK YOU! I'm only posting the ballad songs not sure if I should make another card for the others.
If you want the full eargasm effect PUT YO HEADPHONES ON!
Okay there's no turning back now good luck on not dying and ENJOY!

BTS- Let Me Know

BTS- Run (Ballad)

BTS- House Of Cards

BTS- Hold Me Tight

BTS- I Need U (Urban)

GOT7- To. Star

I have never heard this song so I'm in tears it's so beautiful.

Taeyang- Eyes, Nose, Lips


ASTRO- Innocent Love

BTS- Young Forever (Unplugged)

Lay- Monodrama

Jung kook- Paper Hearts Cover

Rap Monster & Jungkook- I Know

What did you think of her videos? Did you enjoy them as much as I did?
Here's the link ( Kim Ge )to the account so you can listen to the other 3D versions.
Please support the account by liking and subscribing👌🏻
Wow! Awesome!😁
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I think you have house of cards on there twice. ☺
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